A Guide to Massachusetts Ballot Initiatives


This November 8, Americans will make choices that will have a significant effect on the future of the country. Many of these choices lie on an often overlooked section of the ballot—ballot initiatives, where voters will not be aided by ever-helpful partisan identifiers. Thirty-four states will vote on a total of 165 ballot measures. These smaller, local measures might have more of a long-term impact on voters than large, national choices. This series will attempt to delineate the four initiatives that will appear on the Massachusetts ballot. Image Credit: Tim Evanson/Flickr

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  • Question 4


    Supporters say Question 4 will fix health, racial, and fiscal issues. Opponents contend that the initiative would hurt communities and children.

  • Question 3


    Proponents of Question 3 claim it would improve food safety and animal welfare, while critics say it will increase the price of food.

  • Question 2


    The second question on the Massachusetts ballot would allow lawmakers to create up to 12 new charter schools each year for an indefinite period.

  • Question 1


    Massachusetts Ballot Question 1 would allow the Gaming Commission to issue an additional slot machine license to a casino attached to a racetrack.