Media | February 5, 2017 at 6:12 pm

Views from the Women’s March on Washington

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The Trump presidency has been characterized by popular dissent since its debut. As early as January 21, protesters at the Women’s March on Washington were ready to keep their momentum going for the next four years. HPR’s multimedia team was on the ground to provide an inside look at the day’s events.


Many protesters used words uttered by the newly inaugurated president in their signage.


The signs held by protesters represented a variety of issues, from climate change to reproductive rights.


Some protesters were much more explicitly anti-Trump than others.


This creative sign parodied an internet meme from last year.


Another played upon the longstanding joke surrounding the size of the president’s hands.DSC_0879

Many posters expressed concern about Donald Trump’s views towards Russia and its president. 


While there was much frustration among protesters, the tone of the day as generally empowering.


While certainly outnumbered, many men, husbands, and sons were in attendance as well.


Here, a young girl displays pro-LGBTQ flags in her hair.


The crowd cheered after this young girl lead them in a call-and-response.


With the large numbers of people in attendance, many protesters climbed on top of vehicles and walls to get a better look at the rally.


Many college students and young people poured in from local universities.


The National Mall was packed with protesters, pictured here in front of the Washington Monument.


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