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The Crimson’s Anti-Palestinian Bias

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The Harvard Political Review is a nonpartisan political review and a platform for student writing at Harvard. Below is a letter from the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee. The opinions expressed here are solely those of the writers and not of the magazine. 


“As the daughter of a Rabbi who previously fought in the Israeli military, I am deeply offended that The Crimson keeps publishing pieces that label our PSC activism on campus as anti-Semitic. This is defamatory, and they should be ashamed of themselves.”  -Hannah Schafer, MPP ‘14

As members of the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC), we are disheartened by what appears to be The Crimson’s silencing of Palestinian voices. In the past year, our experiences have been so negative that many Palestinian students and our allies feel alienated by this publication. Our five most recent episodes with the Crimson highlight this unfortunate reality.

In March 2012, PSC helped organize the One State Conference at the Harvard Kennedy School, which was co-sponsored by the Office of the Provost, the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, and the Carr Center for Human Rights. Half of our organizers and speakers were Jewish and/or Israeli, including Elisha Baskin (the daughter of Gershon Baskin, a well-known Israeli politician) as a main organizer and Professors Ilan Pappe (the renowned Israeli historian) and Rabbi Brant Rosen (Rabbi of Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation in Evanston, Illinois) as key speakers.

We were appalled that The Crimson published a piece labeling the conference as “deeply wrong” before the conference had even taken place. For a member of the Board to write an op-ed expressing criticism would have been one thing, but for this to be a formal and collective piece on behalf of their staff is another. The piece’s assertion that the conference “utterly fails” to address concerns such as Jewish self-determination was absurd. Many speakers addressed this comprehensively, proposing a binational state that guarantees the right to self-determination for both the Jewish and Palestinian peoples. This Crimson piece even took the position that “only the two state solution protects and respects the national aspirations of both Jews and Palestinians.”   In fact, we made sure that some speakers were two state supporters. Had The Crimson Board actually bothered to attend the conference, they could have heard the debates and arguments before publishing a piece based on flawed assumptions and judgments.

Imagine if during apartheid South Africa a group of black and white South African students at Harvard came together to organize an academic conference to intellectually explore the possibilities of establishing a democratic and binational state rather than divide the territory into separate states for blacks and whites. Then, imagine The Crimson Board publishing a piece criticizing the conference just because it is inviting dialogue on the merits of one versus two states and therefore not directly in line with the polemics of Crimson Board members.

Then, in October 2012, The Crimson put two Palestinian students through a nightmare of one week of back and forth exchanges before finally publishing an op-ed on our behalf.  The amount of editing that went into an op-ed was shocking and the requests for references of each and every fact and assertion of ours was at a level that is not expected of other student groups. For instance, we were pressured to omit a reference to the Israeli occupation being illegal under international law. We pushed back by establishing that this was not a controversial claim; rather, there is a global consensus affirming this fact, and we expressed that we did not appreciate The Crimson’s attempt to censor us. As a result of our persistence, the op-ed was finally posted online, though The Crimson took it down not once, but twice, before finally letting it stand and be published for circulation.

In February 2013, a Crimson editorial writer published an op-ed targeting PSC and accusing us of having “anti-Semitism” in our midst merely because of our support for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. This is a typical strategy employed by some Zionists to silence any criticism of Israeli state policies by putting forward the charge of anti-Semitism. In fact, we and the BDS movement’s leadership unequivocally condemn all forms of racism, including anti-Semitism. BDS is aimed at Israeli institutions—not individuals—complicit in military occupation and apartheid, and it is a nonviolent movement grounded in international law and inspired by the South African boycott. There are very important efforts worldwide to combat anti-Semitism. Yet, it is morally reprehensible to abuse such efforts in support of institutions violating Palestinian human rights. Furthermore, BDS has been endorsed by leading Jewish and Israeli individuals and organizations such as Naomi Klein, Judith Butler, Sarah Schulman, Jewish Voice for Peace, and Boycott from Within. Our friends at the Harvard College Progressive Jewish Alliance have launched an Open Hillel campaign to reverse the ban on discussions of BDS at the Harvard Hillel.

The annual Israeli Apartheid Week, which is held on college campuses across the U.S. and around the world, is held this month. PSC organizes programming for this, such as lectures and film screenings here at Harvard. On Tuesday, March 5, The Crimson Board was convening a meeting in which they were to discuss the publication of another staff piece criticizing PSC for our activism yet again. This time it was because they did not agree with our use of apartheid to compare South Africa and Israel. We immediately sent them a three-page letter outlining that it is perfectly reasonable to raise the facts of this analogy given the reality on the ground. We respectfully urged them not to proceed with such a piece that would target us so unreasonably. We also included citations from world leaders, who also use the apartheid term such as prominent Israeli officials, the former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, Nobel laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, and the first African-American Pulitzer Prize winner and civil rights activist Alice Walker.

We asked that the Board acknowledge receipt of our letter and consider our request to understand our rationale. Yet, we never received any form of acknowledgement. In fact, the Board not only went ahead and published the staff piece chastising us for using the apartheid analogy, they decided to prohibit a dissenting article from being published, an otherwise common practice when the staff takes an ideological position on a controversial issue.

The PSC then decided that we would submit an op-ed to The Crimson articulating our thoughtful reasoning and including official evidence grounded in international law that Israel is committing the crime of apartheid against the Palestinian population, yet they have not been willing to publish this piece. We lobbied The Crimson for multiple days, including drawing their attention to The Tufts Daily publishing four pieces by members of their Students for Justice in Palestine as part of Israeli Apartheid Week (March 4, March 5, March 6, and March 7). The Tufts Daily also covered their mock Israeli checkpoint. We were saddened to see that our counterparts at Tufts were treated with respect by their campus newspaper whereas we could not even get one op-ed published at our home university.

Instead, on March 9, the Crimson published a fourth piece attacking the PSC without allowing us to respond. This op-ed reproduces the outrageous charge of anti-Semitism against us, neglecting the voices and experiences of the Jewish members our group. As one student, Hannah Schafer, MPP ‘14, states, “As the daughter of a Rabbi who previously fought in the Israeli military, I am deeply offended that the Crimson keeps publishing pieces that label our PSC activism on campus as anti-Semitic. This is defamatory and they should be ashamed of themselves.”

Given that Israel is the largest recipient of U.S. aid in the world and U.S. support for Israel has been unwavering for years, our voices are already marginalized at Harvard. By not allowing us to respond to the numerous mischaracterizations that have been leveled against us by the Editorial Board and other students, we wonder if The Crimson Board is attempting to contribute to the stigmatization of our solidarity community on campus. We have had positive working relationships with past Crimson Boards, and we do not appreciate the current attempts to police how we articulate our struggle and the oppression we face. We look forward to reestablishing a relationship with The Crimson where Palestinian students and those committed to Palestinian human rights are treated as equals.


Lena Awwad ’13 is a Neurobiology concentrator in Winthrop House. Giacomo Bagarella ’13 is a Government concentrator in Currier House. Asmaa Rimawi ’14 is a Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations concentrator in Lowell House. Hannah Schafer ’14 is an MPP candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School. 

  • Elliott Prasse-Freeman

    When the New York Times, the high priest of mainstream opinion, can publish an article asserting that “Jewish and Democratic” is impossible given Israel’s heterogenous polity ( as it did this weekend: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/03/09/on-questioning-the-jewish-state/ ), then the Crimson’s stonewalling of PSC seems even more bizarre and hateful. At least before, the US mainstream (liberal and conservative) could duck this issue by implicitly claiming that to question Israel’s constitutive racism was beyond the pale; that doxa seems to be eroding, and I congratulate the PSC’s work to continue to push this, despite such bullying.

  • Elliott Prasse-Freeman

    When the New York Times, the high priest of mainstream opinion, can publish an article asserting that “Jewish and Democratic” is indeed a contradiction in terms given Israel’s heterogenous polity ( as it did this weekend: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/03/09/on-questioning-the-jewish-state/ ), then the Crimson’s stonewalling of PSC seems even more bizarre and hateful. At least before, the US mainstream (liberal and conservative) could duck this issue by implicitly claiming that to question Israel’s constitutive racism was beyond the pale; that doxa seems to be eroding, and I congratulate the PSC’s work to continue to push this, despite such bullying.

  • SM

    Shame on you, Harvard Crimson. I hope this article will convince the newspaper to right the wrongs, and stop the determined silencing of the opinions of the PSC, and of any groups that may be construed to have an alternative viewpoint when it comes to Israel. Shame, shame, on the Crimson.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.affleck.96 Jonathan Affleck

    I asked my boss, who attended Harvard back in the 70s. He said that the Crimson was a Jewish Zionist club back then. Nothing seems to have changed. My wife, who is a former Russian Israeli ex-Jew, who was a doctoral student in Jewish studies at Hebrew University, claims that Jewish media manipulation goes back for more than a century. If she is correct, the Harvard University administration should step in and place a cap on the percentage of Jews that staff the Harvard Crimson.

    The eminent Jewish European studies scholar Albert Lindemann investigated 19th and 20th century anti-Semitism in his book Esau’s Tears.


    Lindemann found that alleged anti-Semitism was often a reasonable reaction to atrocious Jewish behavior. He also found that alleged European anti-Semites were more than capable of distinguishing between Yiddish and non-Yiddish Jews. In addition, he discovered that non-Ashkenazi Jews, e.g., Emma Lazurus, the Sephardic Jewish author of The New Colossus, often criticized Yiddish Jews in terms indistinguishable from those of alleged non-Jewish anti-Semites.

    From Esau’s Tears by Lindemann, p. 195.

    The Famous Viennese journalist Karl Kraus saw in Benedikt’s Neue Freie Presse the embodiment of unprincipled commercialism, the unscrupulous efforts to manipulate popular opinion, that so troubled many public-spirited observers. It says much about the Austrian scene that Kraus, himself Jewish, was one of the most persistent critics of Jews in Austria. Revealingly, his own style — intransigent, mocking, sophisticated, and supremely witty — was precisely the kind of style that anti-Semites considered typically Jewish. He would at any rate have considered the charge that hostility to Jews was based entirely on Gentile fantasy either ludicrous or incomprehensible. As far as he was concerned, Viennese anti-Semitism was without a doubt the result of justified resentment by Gentiles concerning the outrageous antics of Jewish journalists.

    He was by no means alone in that opinion. Friedrich Austerlitz [Jewish socialist writer] further asserted that the Jewish-owned liberal press was concerned to serve Jewish interests, to cover up misdeeds by Jewish capitalists, and to shower with abuse anyone who criticized Jews. Jewish press supremacy, he later observed, “was a conspiracy in favor of the Jews; the legend of the solidarity of all members of the people of Israel was at that time a reality.” Austerlitz granted that in the earlier part of the century, when Jews had been oppressed, criticism of their “eccentricities” was inappropriate, but by the latter half of the nineteenth century, when they dominated so much of public life in Austria and when their activities were so often corrupt, criticism was not only appropriate but the duty of all honest observers, Jews and non-Jews.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.affleck.96 Jonathan Affleck

    In response to that blog entry, I sent the following comment to U Mass Professor and Harvard graduate Joseph Levine.

    It is hard for me to see how a completely Eastern Europe indigenous population (Yiddish Jews) has any right to self-determination in the Middle East — especially at the expense of the native population, which unlike Yiddish Jews is actually descended from ancient Greco-Roman Judeans and other native populations of the region.

    We should keep in mind that from the Persian Imperial period (according to the Book of Esther) through the Middle Ages, Judaism was as much a proselytizing/conversion-based religion as Christianity. Just like today’s Christians, practically no modern Jews are descended from ancient Greco-Roman Judeans or other native populations of Palestine.

    In the aftermath of WW1, when the international legal concept of the Palestine Mandate and the Jewish national home were created, far more Jews demanded and got international recognition of their national cultural rights in Poland.

    A little bit later the Yevsektsia (Jewish Division) of the Soviet Union created the Jewish Autonomous Region in Birobidzhan.

    How many national territories do Jews have? Obviously the whole idea is crap that Jews comprise an ethnonational group with claims to Palestine.

    Because Yiddish Jews are almost entirely descended from Sorbian and Polesian convert Slavic populations with some Turkic and Greek-convert admixture, probably national cultural rights for Yiddish Jews in historic Poland made the most sense.

    (The other Polish Jews — Polish Lithuanian Tatar Karaite Jews — were so disgusted by Yiddish Jewish behavior that many if not most joined a de-judaization movement called Szapszelianism.)

    The continued existence of the Zionist State makes no sense and constitutes a crime against humanity. Palestinians have the right to immediate relief under the International Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide.

    The criminal Zionist conglomeration in Palestine certainly does not constitute a legitimate population under that International Treaty, but Palestinians unquestionably do.

    Because the Zionist State is a signatory to the Genocide Convention, Netanyahu and his political military elite have absolute obligation to dismantle their criminal state and to turn themselves over for trial before the ICC.

    Wikipedia describes the genocidal intent of Zionism in its entry for the First Aliya:


  • ZonyJo

    Things are stirring, I think everyone involved should go see The Gatekeepers. Relevant. http://www.sonyclassics.com/thegatekeepers/

  • RogerStanley

    I think the point here is that when Jewish organizations on campus hold events about the Israel-Palestine dispute, they don’t use ahistorical and contextually inaccurate analogies like the PSC does when they host “Apartheid Week.” Apartheid was a system in which the state repudiated the citizenship of black Africans, thereby making them a people without legal rights or a formal nationality. In Israel, if you are Arab, the state cannot deny you citizenship. Arabs living in Israel enjoy citizenship. Thus, this analogy is contextually inaccurate.

    It would be equally inflammatory and galling if Jewish organizations used ridiculous analogies and slanders when holding events about the Israel-Palestine dispute. An event titled “Palestine: the Suicide State,” or “Palestinians Are All Terrorists” would be unacceptable and inappropriate. Thankfully, the Jewish community on campus does not do this. There is an “Israel Week” in which students eat falafel outside the Science Center, but there is never an event whose title is inaccurate, divisive and slanderous towards Palestinians. This is the point.

  • Sarah

    If you’re going to rebuke the apartheid analogy, at least address the points that are raised by people who believe it is accurate. It doesn’t seem like you tried to engage the analogy at all because I guarantee you that certainly does not end with “Arab-Israelis have citizenship.”

    Besides, that’s beyond the point of the article; the Crimson refused to give the PSC space to debate, which is the very purpose of having an editorial section of a newspaper. If you write an editorial lambasting an organization, then you allow them to respond. I certainly don’t agree with most – or even a majority of! – the PSC’s opinions, but I’m utterly appalled at the Crimson’s lack of professionalism in failing to honor that rule. You don’t deny a group that right because you find their opinions “inflammatory and galling.”

  • RogerStanley

    First of all, as someone who is familiar with the back and forth between the PSC and The Crimson Ed Board, let me say that the characterization of events put forth in this article is fanciful.

    Since you asked, I will now “address the points that are raised” by people who believe the apartheid analogy.
    1) Arabs have full political and legal rights in Israel. They can and do vote, protest, petition, etc.
    2) There are many Arab political parties. There are Arab judges and Arab government officials.
    3) Arab-Muslim legislators have veto powers
    4) Opponents of Zionism and those who oppose the state of Israel have the right to assemble and the right to free speech
    5) There is a free press in the country, and there are plenty of Arab publications who publish on a daily basis
    6) Government road signs bear Arabic translations
    7) Arabs and Palestinians who commute from the West Bank are entitled to state benefits and receive many legal protections.

    8) Universities in Israel contain Arab students and professors.
    9) There are no restrictions on movement for Arab citizens (this was a crucial element of apartheid)
    10) Arabs can marry and have sexual relations with Jews (whites and blacks could not do this during apartheid)
    11) Arabic is an official language of Israel
    12) And most importantly, the constitution of Israel does not state, as the S. African constitution did, that the purpose of government was to separate the races from each other.
    13) This list could go on (literally) forever
    14) My point is the following: if you want people to engage with your organization as opposed to dismissing it out of hand, try to be a little bit smarter in how you advertise and publicize your message. Hosting “apartheid week” allows people to ignore you as an organization because it signals a fundamental dishonesty in the sort of debate you are having.
    15) If a Jewish organization on campus held an event called “We Think All Palestinians Are Terrible Human Beings,” and they held it every March (like the PSC’s “apartheid week”) people would dismiss them as an organization that is needlessly rancorous and partisan

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.affleck.96 Jonathan Affleck

    How does one know that a Zionist Jew or a non-Jewish lackey of Zionism is lying? Just check whether the person is breathing.

    Arab Guilty of Rape After Consensual Sex with Jew


  • http://twitter.com/ahmedmoor Ahmed Moor

    Why can’t you use the world Palestinian? Or Palestinian-Israeli? It’s like calling the Hausa or Zulu, “those Africans.” Zionists can’t ever seem to get that right…

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.affleck.96 Jonathan Affleck

    Note that the head of the Crimson Editorial Board is headed by a vicious racist Jewish Zionist that should be forced to resign immediately because of her bigotry, prejudice, and bias.

    “As a Jew, a liberal, and a lover of the State of Israel, it is with great sadness that I reflect on what has transpired over the last few days in Beit Shemesh, Israel.”


    From the Masthead of the Crimson.



    Marina N. Bolotnikova ’14, Editorial Chair

    Michael F. Cotter ’14, Editorial Chair

    Brian L. Cronin ’15, Associate Editorial Editor

    John F. M. Kocsis ’15, Associate Editorial Editor

    Nikhil R. Mulani ’14, Associate Editorial Editor

    Anja C. Nilsson ’15, Associate Editorial Editor

    Heather L. Pickerell ’15, Associate Editorial Editor

    Elizabeth W. Pike ’15, Associate Editorial Editor

  • RogerStanley

    Not all Arabs are Palestinians. That’s why.

  • hophmi

    What utter nonsense. The Crimson has published at least seven pro-Palestinian op-eds in the last year alone. These writers omit all of the relevant facts; the Crimson editorial they discuss was written in response to an error-laden op-ed they published about their conference, called the . . . wait for it . . . “One State Conference” in which they wrote that the two-state solution seemed impossible. In that February op-ed, they swapped the number of Palestinians worldwide for the number of Palestinians living in Israel and Palestine and diminished the number of Jews in the region in order to make it seem as if 5.4 million Jews were ruling over 11 million Palestinians. They also misquoted Archbishop Desmond Tutu, claiming he said the situation in Israel was worse than apartheid; he never did. The Crimson, who clearly did a bad job of factchecking in February and had to issue embarrassing corrections, absolutely did the right thing by giving the same writers a hard time when one of them wanted to publish another op-ed in October as any responsible editorial staff would. The October op-ed is extraordinarily assertion heavy; every sentence quotes some source on something. The proof in the pudding is that Alex Shams, another pro-Palestinian activist on campus, has published several pro-Palestinian op-eds over the past year, seemingly with no trouble. The writers should be THANKFUL to the Crimson for doing the hard work they apparently did not, which kept the Crimson from looking bad and the writers from making fools of themselves. They didn’t take the hint, and they look like fools — disingenuous fools — here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.affleck.96 Jonathan Affleck

    An Arab resident in Stolen Palestine (pre-1967 Israel) or Occupied Palestine (the territories seized by Zionist in the 1967 War of Zionist Aggression) can reasonably be described as a Palestinian Arab. Obviously, Syrian Druze Arabs from the Golan Heights or the few Lebanese Arab traitors that fled to Israel could quibble, and if such a person should come up in discussion, a special terminology could be used.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.affleck.96 Jonathan Affleck

    How does one know that a Jewish Zionist or a non-Jewish lackey of Zionism is lying?

    Check whether he is breathing.

    I only counted three articles by Shams that dealt specifically with Palestinians under Zionist rule. Shams also seems not to address the really important questions:

    1. Does a completely Eastern Europe-indigenous population like Yiddish Jews, whose only connection to Palestine is mythological and fictional, have any legitimate rights to Palestine?

    2. Should the USA be allied with a state whose fundamental national ideology is genocidal?

  • hophmi

    Go away, Jonathan Affleck. Your antisemitic views are well known on the net.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.affleck.96 Jonathan Affleck

    My former Russian Israeli wife will be surprised to learn that I am an anti-Semite.

    Racist Jewish Zionist genocide-supporters fling around epithets of anti-Semitism far too much.

    When racist Jewish Zionists make accusations of anti-Semitism, they are engaged in the verbal equivalent of farting.

    Everyone should hold his or her nose (metaphorically).

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.affleck.96 Jonathan Affleck

    My former Russian Israeli wife will be surprised to learn that I am an anti-Semite.

    Racist Jewish Zionist genocide-supporters fling around epithets of anti-Semitism far too much.

    When racist Jewish Zionists make accusations of anti-Semitism, they are engaged in the verbal equivalent of farting.

    Everyone should hold his or her nose (metaphorically).

  • http://twitter.com/ahmedmoor Ahmed Moor

    Totally. I’d forgotten about the 12 Saudi “Arab-Muslim legislators [who] have veto powers.”

  • http://twitter.com/ahmedmoor Ahmed Moor

    Totally. I’d forgotten about the 12 Saudi “Arab-Muslim legislators [who] have veto powers.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/jh.miasku JH Miasku

    For every Jewish name you can scrounge up for your cause of demonizing Israel, there are plenty of Arabs that one can find who stand by Israel. In fact when an Arab-Israeli diplomat visited my university (Penn State) he was rudely shouted down by a PSC-like club who had organized to sabotage the visit — so don’t go lecturing me about fair play.

    Hmm… and what Nobel-prize winners can I find who think Israel is a great place? The Dalai Lama for one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jh.miasku JH Miasku

    Your comment is ignorant of history and nothing more than meaningless speculation. Briefly, there is strong evidence that Jews are descended from one people with an origin in what is today Israel, this is backed up by tradition, history, and most recently genetic analysis (http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/59938/description/Tracing_Jewish_roots). Furthermore, the population of Israel is a blend of Jews from all around the world, principally, North Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East (including Israel). These populations have merged in the current country.

    Why don’t you keep your theorizing to your own ancestors, rather than .

  • http://www.facebook.com/jh.miasku JH Miasku

    You say that you find an anti-Palestinian bias, but from your complaints it seems that you want the Crimson not to be more pro-Palestinian but more anti-Israel.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.affleck.96 Jonathan Affleck

    Note how racist Jewish Zionists and their lackeys ignore the Hebrew bible when it suits them.

    Esther 8:17 And in every province, and in every city, whithersoever the king’s commandment and his decree came, the Jews had joy and gladness, a feast and a good day. And many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews fell upon them.

    As for what modern science says about ethnic Ashkenazi/Yiddish Jewish origins:


    Modern Jews Zionist settler colonist in Palestine are simply racist genocidal invaders interlopers and thieves.

    It is disgusting that we Americans are allied with such a vile criminal conglomeration.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.affleck.96 Jonathan Affleck

    Sounds okay to me. All decent human beings should be pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.affleck.96 Jonathan Affleck

    Miasku parrots the usual moronic Zionist ipse dixit hasbarah argument.

    The German Nazis were always able to find lots of quislings including Jewish Zionists and anti-Zionist Jews (Verband Deutscher Nationaler Juden) more than willing to praise German Nazism. Despite the quislings Zionism is and always has been evil.

    Why Zionism is Jewish Nazism

    The fundamental ideological components shared by Zionism and German Nazism are: politicized ethnic fundamentalism (or ethnic monism), extremist organic nationalism, social Darwinism, biological determinism, essentialism, primordialism, perverted eugenic theory, opposition to race mixing for causing ethnic degeneration, and the corresponding belief in national revival through racial purity.

    Jews (even many self-avowed Jewish anti-Zionists) often become indignant, claim Jews could not possibly be Nazis, and fling accusations of anti-Semitism when anyone points out that German Nazism and Zionism are for all intents and purposes practically identical when the obvious substitutions are made.

    To believe that Jews of all ethnic groups could not possibly be Nazis or develop their own form of Nazi ideology is simply an assertion of Jewish racial or ethnic supremacism in association with the idea of Jewish ethical or spiritual superiority.

  • Serge

    Guys, this article is bang on. All of this criticism needs to be silenced, and I was totally offended by it. They even called some stuff racist! You should never do that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/atshan Sa’ed Adel Atshan

    The Anti-Semitic comments of “Jonathan Affleck” here are morally reprehensible. As part of the Palestinian solidarity community at Harvard none of us would ever condone such racism. This is absolutely unacceptable (quotas against Jewish students, etc.). With “friends” like Affleck, we definitely do not need enemies. The struggle for Palestinian human rights is a just one based on universal values of equality and the fundamental dignity of all human beings…. and our movement should not be associated with Affleck and the like. NO ONE has authorized him to speak on our behalf.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.affleck.96 Jonathan Affleck

    As I pointed out, the eminent Jewish European Studies UCSB Professor Albert Lindemann (Harvard PhD) found that a lot of alleged anti-Semitism was simply legitimate criticism of atrocious Jewish behavior and that many Jews made exactly the same criticisms that non-Jewish alleged anti-Semitic non-Jew expressed.

    So what have I written that is anti-Semitic? My former Russian Israeli wife wants to know.

    So Sa’ed what qualifies you to judge whether my comments are anti-Semitic? I see that you are a doctoral candidate in Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies. Have you ever studied Jewish or European studies. Do you read any E. European languages? Have you ever done primary research on Jews in Central or Eastern Europe.

    Do you think that Friedrich Austerlitz or Karl Kraus were lying or were anti-Semites?

    Obviously the State of Israel would combine the worst of inter bellum German and Polish social political culture — that is the social political culture that the Zionist invaders of the 20s, 30s, & 40s knew.

    Oksana tells me that the Russian invaders of the 90s brought some of the worst of Soviet attitudes and bigotries. She did, and she says it took 10 years for her to get over her prejudiced Russian Jewish Zionist upbringing.

    I have to assume that you are just another ignorant consumer of the false and ridiculous Jewish Leidensgeschichte (the pogrom and persecution version of Jewish history) that eminent Jewish studies scholars like former Columbia Professor Salo Baron demonstrated to be nonsense decades ago.

    When I pointed out that Zionism is Jewish Nazism, I more or less repeated what Harvard Professor Jay Harris says in one of his Jewish studies studies classes, but my wife Oksana Kaplan tells me that the eminent Jewish German studies Professor George Mosse made an even harsher critique of Zionism as Jewish Nazism when he lectured at Hebrew University during the 60s. (She read a published version of the lectures — nowadays one could not make such a lecture at HU, but back then there were enough immigrants from Germany that remembered the facts.)

    There is a term for your problem, Sa’ed — it is called mental colonization. Gramsci refers to the establishment of a hegemonic discourse.

    Why don’t you spend so time and effort in trying to understand the historical political economics of Jewish communities before you regurgitate the crap that Jewish propagandists have been shoveling at least as far back as the publication of The History of the Jews by Heinrich Graetz, who was — if I remember correctly — quite properly condemned as completely intellectually dishonest by Samson Raphael Hirsch the founder of Modern Orthodoxy?

    So Sa’ed do you recognize any of the names that I mentioned?

    If you don’t, you have a lot to learn.

    I said that accusations of anti-Semitism by racist Jewish Zionists are the verbal equivalent of farting. I guess when an ignorant Palestinian flings around the same idiotic accusations, we are reading the verbal equivalent of wet farts or maybe verbal diarrhea.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.affleck.96 Jonathan Affleck

    On second thought Sa’ed Adel Atshan evinces simultaneously both

    1. a sort Palestinian Stockholm Syndrome in that he views Jewish history through the mindset and narratives of bigoted racist Jews and also

    2. a certain degree of anti-Jewish bigotry in that he does not take Jewish history seriously enough to study it in enough detail that he could make credible pronouncements with regard to Jews or to Jewish non-Jewish interactions.

    Ali Abunimah has the same problem as did Edward Said. Oksana points out that Said was sufficiently repelled by Jews that he never bothered to look seriously at Zionist/Israeli Orientalism, which is a direct descendant of Czarist Orientalism and which has a much stronger influence on US orientalism than French or British Orientalism.

    Said never bothered to study Czarist Orientalism in any detail even though such a study would have bolstered the thesis of his book entitled Orientalism.

  • Dr. S

    I remember, when I was a student at Harvard Medical School, a professor stood up and told one of my classmates that he would refuse to sit next to him on a plane – because he was Muslim. This professor was not censured or disciplined in any way. I graduated in 2010 so it really wasn’t that long ago.

    We should not put up with this behavior – this is not acceptable and it is not representative of our views as a student body. We have many different perspectives, backgrounds and ideas – and some of those are in support of Palestinians – shouldn’t these be represented by the Crimson? Where is the dialogue? Who says that one point of view should trump all others?

  • Jonathan Affleck

    My boss confirms that this sort of crap took place at Harvard back in the early seventies when he says there was in process a sort of weird takeover of Harvard by Jews, whose qualifications simply did not merit a place at Harvard either as faculty or as students.

    The American Conservative has discussed this issue: http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/the-myth-of-american-meritocracy/ .

    My wife Oksana has suggested that this type of organizational development can be understood in terms of human evolutionary psychology even though she severely criticizes Kevin MacDonald’s approach to Jews.

    She argues that Jews believe that Jews have been oppressed and deserve a leg up from other Jews. In addition Jews are raised to have an exaggerated view of Jewish intellectual attainments and potentials.

    Thus as more and more Jews were hired at Harvard on the faculty and also in the admissions office, a momentum was created to transform Harvard into a disproportionately Jewish Zionist institution — especially because there was a perception that a Jew-friendly Harvard would receive large contributions from hyper-wealthy Zionist donors, who like Wexner and Peretz responded by creating Zionist Jew-favoring fellowships and faculty positions like the Harvard Wexner Israel Fellowship Program and the Martin Peretz Professorship of Yiddish Literature.

    Oksana points to Larry Summers, Elena Kagan, and Alan Dershowitz as Jews who have risen to positions that they would never have attained (or retained) if the same merit and fair-play rules applied to Jews as apply to gentiles.

    Modern America is not the first place to have faced this situation. The Czarist Empire found itself with a similar problem in the late 19th and early 20th century.


    The website Mondoweiss ( http://mondoweiss.net ) occasionally addresses the displacement of the traditional American WASP elite by a new hyperwealthy Jewish Zionist elite.

    At this point Harvard has an obvious problem.

    Because President Drew Gilpin Faust is herself married to a Jew, she has an especial obligation to set up a blue-ribbon commission to address both

    1) the question of Jewish Zionist over-representation and excessive influence at Harvard as well as

    2) how to alleviate this problem.

    Note that if US law were applied the same to Jews as it is to non-Jews, the Harvard Wexner Israel Fellowship would threaten the 501(c)(3) status of Harvard University just as the rules at Bob Jones University caused that institution to lose its tax-exempt contribution status.

  • jennynews

    As a progressive Jew who is not a Zionist, I am appalled to continue hitting the brick wall of Zionism among people who like to think of themselves as progressive. Since when was it considered progressive to support a racist colonialist ideology?

  • Jonathan Affleck

    Take a look at the Crimson’s list of Spring 2013 columnists.


    Note that there is an explicitly Zionist and Jewish column.

    When did The Crimson become a subsidiary of The Jewish Advocate?


  • DS

    I am that columnist. You’re a vile, bigoted, anti-Semitic small man. Please, go back to the hole from whence you came.

  • Jonathan Affleck

    Daniel Solomon wrote in the Crimson, “Jews love a good argument, and I am no exception, so when I saw the “Open Hillel” petition, I quickly signed it.”

    In point of fact, racist Jewish Zionists only like a good argument when they can control the outcome. If they cannot, they invariably and reflexively resort to verbally farting accusations of anti-Semitism.

    At Harvard and throughout the country we Americans are drenched in the propaganda of racist Jewish Zionists. Solomon’s column is definitely redundant and just another Jewish Zionist attempt to control discourse about US Mideast policy.

    If The Crimson really needs a column to address Jewish issues, a recent article in The American Conservative highlights the type of issue that The Crimson should be addressing.


    Given that two of Prof. Mertz’s greatest areas of policy interest seem to be the relative rate of elite performance by gender and by ethnicity, I notice a curious mismatch in her analysis.

    She notes the large over-representation of males in math achievement, and strenuously argues that this is merely an artificial byproduct of social conditioning or even unfair gender bias, which distorts the inherently near-equal abilities of males and females. Therefore, she advocates major policy changes to bring the numbers of men and women in elite mathematics into much closer equality.

    Yet at exactly the same time, she seems perfectly comfortable with Jews being over-represented at elite academic institutions by perhaps 3,000% relative to non-Jewish whites, and totally disproportionate to their apparent academic ability. I also suspect that she would be unwilling to endorse social policies aimed at bringing Jewish elite representation into much closer alignment with their 2% share of the national population.

    Although I cannot explain this puzzling inconsistency in her logical positions, I can only note the curious coincidence that she herself happens to be a Jewish woman.

  • Jonathan Affleck

    The real issue is not The Crimson’s anti-Palestinian prejudice but the overrepresentation of Jews at The Crimson, in the Harvard student body and on the faculty.

    We have to face the facts that Ron Unz and The American Conservative have pointed out:

    Unqualified Jews are taking places from qualified white non-Jews, African Americans, and Asian Americans throughout the US academic system.

  • Jonathan Affleck

    While Harvard students and faculty do not suffer as Palestinians do, the Jewish Zionist claim to privilege and exemptions is just as obnoxious at Harvard as it is in the Mideast.


  • Jonathan Affleck

    A good article that discusses Larry Summers, the former Harvard President, who has consistently failed upward despite his incompetence.


  • Jonathan Affleck

    Glenn Greenwald points out that Elena Kagan, the former Dean of the Harvard Law School, is a nothing with no record.


  • Jonathan Affleck

    Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses Martin Peretz, another vile, rather racist, and stupid Jew that Harvard should never have honored and that in fact should never have had any association with Harvard at all.


  • Regressive Goosesteppers

    “It is hard for me to see how a completely Eastern Europe indigenous population (Yiddish Jews) has any right to self-determination in the Middle East — especially at the expense of the native population, which unlike Yiddish Jews is actually descended from ancient Greco-Roman Judeans and other native populations of the region.”

    Uh, for starters because that supposedly “native population” is NOT indigenous, and has even less of a claim that the group you seek to denigrate. Try actually researching the subject, sometime.

  • Regressive Goosesteppers

    Yet in the same breath, you blindly support the Palestinian Authority, which has ACTUAL stated goals of racism and genocide, bombs innocents, uses their own children as human shields, and which routinely beat, oppress and kill their own citizenry far worse than even your most vapid and slanderous of claims against Israel.

    You’re a vile, death-worshipping hypocrite of the worst degree.

  • Regressive Goosesteppers

    Obstructionism, omission of facts, distortion, blatant hypocrisy and outright fabrications: all the telltale signs of Palestinian Apologist propaganda inherent.

  • Regressive Goosesteppers

    Sounds like your problem is just good old fashioned racism.

  • Regressive Goosesteppers

    “at least address the points that are raised by people who believe it is accurate.”

    Then let them try raising actual points for once, instead of the usual spitting, screaming, racism, aggrandizement of Palestine’s terrorism and genocidal intent, and regurgitation of propaganda.

  • Regressive Goosesteppers

    Hardly a drop in the bucket compared to what the PA does to it’s own women for far less infractions.

    But of course, you don’t care about that because it’s Islamists doing it and you’re a disgusting racist.

  • Regressive Goosesteppers

    If all “decent” human beings should blindly support palestine’s terrorism, calls for genocide, use of children as human shields and the worst theocratic religious fundamentalism on the planet, I’d rather not be one.

  • Regressive Goosesteppers


  • http://twitter.com/AffleckSW Jonathan Affleck

    The solution is quite simple. The Harvard admissions office should be fired.

    The percent of Jews in the new admissions office staff should per no larger than the percent of Jews in the general US (or better the world) population and the percent of Jews at Harvard University student body and faculty should be restricted to no more than the percent of Jews in the general US (or better world) population.

    The quality of the faculty, of the student body, and definitely of the Crimson staff would go up immensely.

  • http://twitter.com/AffleckSW Jonathan Affleck

    Decent human beings should all reject that idea that a bunch of racist murderous genocidal Eastern European invaders, interlopers, and thieves have the right to steal Palestine from the native population.

  • http://twitter.com/AffleckSW Jonathan Affleck

    In the 30s someone that babbled about the Jewish race was probably Nazi scum. Today Jewish Zionist scumbags and their despicable non-Jewish lackeys try to defame as racist anyone that rejects the Zionazi concept of a Jewish race.

  • http://twitter.com/AffleckSW Jonathan Affleck

    If the Masada cult is not death worship, what is?

  • Gabor Fränkl

    Jonathan Affleck is a David Duke-typer adherent fecal antisemite, as proof it’s enough if you take a short look at his facebook picture enlarged below the mast, where all kinds of Der Stürmer-type trash embellishes his site. Totally discredited. His pro-Palestinianism is merely a nefarious function of his deep-seated antisemitic bigotry, otherwise also known as “racism”.

  • Gabor Fränkl

    All 4 authors here are trafficing in blatant, brazen agit-propaganda, occasional histroy falsification, which is again, all the function of their innate, inherent deep-seated antisemitic bigotry and Jew-hatred, nothing else.

  • Gabor Fränkl

    These nafarious, devious 4 individuals’ hidden purpose is the genocide of Israel’s 6 million Jewish souls (with time and through the “claim of return” inundating Israel and in effect destroying it) and they have to carefully camouflage their desires and intents and using similarly reprobate “Jewish” puppets of the same mind for their ghoulish and heinous purposes.

  • Guest2

    Hannah Schafer should be ashamed to call herself a Jew. Not sure if it is “liberal guilt”, naivete, stupidity, or self-hatred – she is an embarrassment to Jews everywhere. With her words and actions, her “treks”, she is indirectly supporting anti-Israel propaganda and terrorism against Jews, she is encouraging the spread of misinformation and hatred. She is naive enough to think everyone has good intentions? Have you ever met a Muslim Arab who has spoken out in favor of Israel or against his own kind? I sure never have – they all rally around Palestinians even if they’re not from Palestine and at least I respect the solidarity. Why is it that these liberal “Jews” have no clue?

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