Get Involved

The Harvard Political Review is a quarterly, nonpartisan political journal and dynamic online platform produced entirely by undergraduates. We welcome all Harvard College students, regardless of concentration, level of experience, or political leaning.

How can I get involved?

There are a number of ways to contribute to the Harvard Political Review. We are always seeking new staff writers and contributors for our print publication and online content streams. Please direct inquiries about the Editorial Board to Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Yip (

In addition to writing, members with design and web savvy can contribute to the magazine by joining the Publishing Board. For those who are financially inclined, the Business Board offers a creative, hands-on opportunity to gain experience in sales, circulation, and advertising. Contact Publisher Andrew Seo ( and Business Manager Olivia Zhu ( for more information.


How do I “comp” the Harvard Political Review?

The requirements for students seeking to “comp,” or join, the staff of the magazine are as follows:

  • Editorial: Publish 5 online pieces or 1 print piece and 2 online pieces
  • Publicity: Complete 5 publicity-related tasks (postering, posting links, contacting organizations)
  • Business: Sell 5 subscriptions
  • Community: Attend three HPR functions per month (including staff meetings, parties, sponsored events) Complete three other tasks. Meet with a member of the Executive Committee. Possible tasks include: transcribing or conducting an interview, helping out with circulation, writing 1 blog post, helping the web or print design team, etc.

If you have questions about your current comp status or any of the comp requirements, please contact Staff Director Zeenia Framroze (

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