The Nordic Paradox: Gender Equity and Sexual Assault

The Nordic countries have disproportionately high rates of Intimate Partner Violence against women. Why would women be victimized more in countries that try so hard to alleviate the oppression that they face?

Salvaging the Ruins of Burundi

To best protect the basic human rights of thousands at risk, the crisis in Burundi must end.

The Ugly Solutions to Peace in Syria

The Syrian Civil War, launched with the intention of transforming Syria, may in the end only prove capable of shattering the country.

A New Wave of Uncertainty: Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri Resigns

Hariri’s resignation threatens to destabilize Lebanon’s fragile power balance, opening the country to a surging tide of foreign interests.

The Earth in Our Hands: Geoengineering’s World-Changing Prospects

As it moves from the esoteric into the international spotlight, ‘geoengineering’ may hold the solution to our pressing emissions and climate change problems.

Security Through the Generosity of Foreign Aid

Aid viewed as an investment, rather than a charity, might be the key to both stemming radical politics at home and creating a better life for would-be immigrants abroad.