Holding It Together: The TPP’s Reception Abroad

The signatories of the Trans-Pacific Partnership have diverse interests that are bound together in the trade deal. But much rests on the United States.

North Korea: China’s Liability?

Should China continue to support the Hermit Kingdom despite its destabilizing and aggressive actions, China will hinder its strategic goals in East Asia and beyond.

Mexico’s Struggle for Equality

While the scene is brightening for Mexico’s L.G.B.T. population, the pro-equality policy movement—led by the president—must first reckon with a vocal opposition movement, headed by the Catholic Church.

Illusive Unity, Elusive Peace: Challenges for the New Secretary-General

The selection of Antonio Guterres to be the next leader of the United Nations was a show of unprecedented unity. Mr. Guterres, Portugal’s former Prime Minister and the current head of the U.N. Refugee Agency, was chosen by an informal consensus vote. Not a single country on the Security Council, the U.N.’s highest body, opposed […]

The Video that Set a Country Aflame

Brazil faces a sexual assault epidemic that is driven by a culture that objectifies women and normalizes rape.

The Nonexistent Asian Migrant Crisis

Despite their prosperity, why have countries like South Korea and Japan accepted very few refugees?