A Guide to the United Kingdom’s General Election

It seems likely that Great Britain is headed for another hung parliament.

Tonkin Gulf Syndrome

Iran’s recent seizure of the MV Maersk Tigris closely parallels the Tonkin Gulf incident of 1964.

Pushing Back: Spain’s Rightward Shift on Abortion

The reform of a 2010 Spanish underage abortion law aims to fight the country’s trend of progressivism.

Writer’s Block: How Historical Narratives Frustrate Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Historical and emotional narratives make peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority a slippery objective.

Gazprom and the Grexit: A Growing Headache for Europe

Perhaps the most troubling outcome of Greece potentially leaving the EU and a stronger Greco-Russian alliance is the possibility of Russian control over Greek natural gas and energy infrastructure.

Executing the Obama Doctrine

The so-called “Obama Doctrine” for U.S.-Iran negotiations will ensure that the United States calls the shots in reaching and implementing an agreement.