Space Standoff: Uncertainty in Militarized Space

Space technology is a mission-critical asset to a modern military force where precedence and collaboration between rivals is scant.

The Changing Face of Greece’s Refugee Problem

The flow of refugees across the Aegean has dwindled, but confusion and frustration persist among the thousands stuck in Greece.

Trekking Israel

HPR editors recount experiences and reflect on learnings from the Harvard College Israel Trek

Shadow States: The Invisible Republics of the Russian Federation

Instead of replacing uncooperative regimes, Russia has taken to partitioning its neighbors in the hopes of making them easier to subjugate.

The Questions That Remain on Brexit

Promises made by Brexit advocates during the Leave campaign may not match the messy reality to come.

Lessons from a Venezuelan Supermarket

Dia Dia Practimercados in Venezuela is a valuable demonstration that businesses do not need to choose between making a profit and positively impacting others.