Middle East

HPRgument: Terrorism in Europe

HPR writers weigh in on the threat of terrorism in Europe and appropriate government responses.

Cap and Gone: The Syrian College Student Who Had to Abandon His Degree

“In the weeks just before my final year would end, the violence came to Aleppo. It got really, really violent just three days before final exams, and the university shut down without warning.”

It’s Good to be Caliph

The Islamic State has stolen the show from al Qaeda. So what’s al Qaeda’s plan?

The Galactic School of International Relations

The parallels, parables, and prescriptions of Star Wars: The Force Awakens for international politics.

No Easy Answers

Growing isolationism in Europe and chronic instability in the Middle East make the current refugee crisis trickier than those of the past.

The Gulf Cooperation Council in an Evolving Middle East

The GCC seems poised to remain unified on military matters even as its members’ economic policies diverge.