Trekking Israel

HPR editors recount experiences and reflect on learnings from the Harvard College Israel Trek

One-for-None: Aid Dependency and the “TOMS Model”

TOMS has received ample praise, gaining popularity for its innovative, impact-oriented brand that also makes products consumers enjoy. However, this seemingly idyllic model has a serious flaw: profit takes precedence over impact.

Women in ISIS: The Rise of Female Jihadists

Unfortunately, counterterrorism measures are often constructed around profiles of a typical male jihadi. Since women are not seen as terrorists, it is easier for them to gather and transfer the intelligence necessary to plan terrorist operations.

Generally Assembled: Charting Obama’s Foreign Policy

Obama’s first and final speeches at the General Assembly chart the evolution of the President’s foreign policy.

Orange Juice in December

A closer look at the local foods movement and the costs of what and how we eat.

The Arctic’s Human Voice

Even after weathering a storm of obstacles, indigenous organizations mostly see the Arctic Council as a success tempered by its shortcomings, not vice-versa.