No Choice in Belfast

Northern Ireland’s abortion laws are uniquely and controversially strict when compared to the rest of the United Kingdom.

Britain’s Patient Woman

On July 7th, the Conservative Members of Parliament chose Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom as the two candidates that would face a ballot of party members, and it became clear that Britain was going to appoint its second female Prime Minister. Yet at noon just four days later, Andrea Leadsom bowed out of the race, […]

The Panama Papers: Expanding the Divide

The Panama Papers have exposed global connections of wealth and power that will not be easily forgotten by the world’s citizenry

The Uneasy Union

The Brexit referendum presents a difficult choice for the UK, but Britain should vote to stay in the EU and reap the rewards of integration

HPRgument: Terrorism in Europe

HPR writers weigh in on the threat of terrorism in Europe and appropriate government responses.

No More Safe Harbor

Contrary to popular belief, physical location still matters with respect to the Internet.