For the Many? A Labour Party Divided

Divisions between Corbyn, his representative frontbench, and the mainstream Labour Party are most apparent in the Labour Party’s fractious and largely unarticulated Brexit strategy.

Shadow States: The Invisible Republics of the Russian Federation

Instead of replacing uncooperative regimes, Russia has taken to partitioning its neighbors in the hopes of making them easier to subjugate.

The Questions That Remain on Brexit

Promises made by Brexit advocates during the Leave campaign may not match the messy reality to come.

HPRgument: French Presidential Election

The final outcome of the French presidential election have huge ramifications for not only France, but the whole of the European Union.

Uncharacteristic Unrest: The Russian Public’s Protests of Putin

Unless Putin’s self-serving regime can give the Russian public something in the way of real progress, it will continue to make its voice heard.

Women in ISIS: The Rise of Female Jihadists

Unfortunately, counterterrorism measures are often constructed around profiles of a typical male jihadi. Since women are not seen as terrorists, it is easier for them to gather and transfer the intelligence necessary to plan terrorist operations.