The Americas

Beneath the Ink: A Deeper Look at Gang Violence in El Salvador

An examination of the historical roots of El Salvador’s prolific gang violence and the policy challenges that accompany it

Latin America’s Tarnished Crown Jewel

The decimation of Venezuela’s middle class under Chavez is directly linked to the increasing incidence of corruption and scandal.

The Panama Papers: Expanding the Divide

The Panama Papers have exposed global connections of wealth and power that will not be easily forgotten by the world’s citizenry

On Drugs and Cartels: History and Strategy

Cartels have changed dramatically since the days of Pablo Escobar, but strategies for fighting them rely on similar fundamentals and remain effective today.

No More Safe Harbor

Contrary to popular belief, physical location still matters with respect to the Internet.

HPRgument: The Zika Epidemic

Examining the breadth of today’s most talked-about public health crisis.