The Americas

The Fall of Liberalism?

Le Pen. Duterte. Brexit. Trump. It might be appropriate to dub 2016, the “year of populism,” as hundreds of millions of voters around the world have forcefully rejected the political institutions and policies that have been the backbone of 20th century liberalism and democracy. While the motivations and psychology of this global electorate will takes […]

Understanding Cuba’s Future

As The Eagles’ so aptly put in their song Hotel California, “some dance to remember, some dance to forget.” Fidel Castro’s long-awaited death has caused tears of sorrow in Havana, and tears of joy in Miami. Regardless of one’s opinion of the eccentric “El Lider Maximo” of Cuba, his death signifies a symbolic transitory period, […]

Mexico’s Struggle for Equality

While the scene is brightening for Mexico’s L.G.B.T. population, the pro-equality policy movement—led by the president—must first reckon with a vocal opposition movement, headed by the Catholic Church.

Colombia’s Uncertain Future in the Wake of the Peace Referendum

After over 50 years of conflict and 4 years of negotiations, Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos and FARC commander Rodrigo Londoño signed a historic peace agreement last week, seeking to end the internal conflict that has shaped Colombian society and politics since the 1960s. Peace for the country seemed within reach until Sunday night, when, […]

Dilma’s Demise and Her Party’s Perils

Rousseff’s downfall spells trouble for the Worker’s Party in upcoming elections.

In Search of Transparency: A Collaborative Effort Against Corruption in Honduras

Honduras’ special MACCIH commission was created to root out corruption at all levels of government. It remains to be seen if it will live up to its promise.