The Land of Six Armies: Djibouti and the the Horn of Africa

Motivated by a variety of considerations, foreign powers with military bases in Djibouti are revealing their hopes and interests in the region.

Women in ISIS: The Rise of Female Jihadists

Unfortunately, counterterrorism measures are often constructed around profiles of a typical male jihadi. Since women are not seen as terrorists, it is easier for them to gather and transfer the intelligence necessary to plan terrorist operations.

Death of a Dream: The Lost Hope of South Sudanese Development

South Sudan has had a difficult time since it gained independence in 2011. In the short term, security is a prerequisite for prosperity.

The Trouble with Tourists

Child sex workers are exploited all over the world by a tourism industry that profits directly from their abuse.

Dictator in Disguise

Despite his campaign of modernization in Rwanda and a democratic facade, Kagame has gradually tightened his grip on power.

Technology for Transparency: Cases from Sub-Saharan Africa

Mobile technology is revolutionizing government accountability and transparency in African countries.