What the Fate of Mugabe Means for Zimbabwe

Mugabe’s resignation is not a genuine harbinger of substantive governmental change. Instead, it will primarily serve as an impetus for a more activist civic culture in Zimbabwe.

Salvaging the Ruins of Burundi

To best protect the basic human rights of thousands at risk, the crisis in Burundi must end.

The Land of Six Armies: Djibouti and the the Horn of Africa

Motivated by a variety of considerations, foreign powers with military bases in Djibouti are revealing their hopes and interests in the region.

Into Africa: Germany’s Proposed Marshall Plan

Germany is developing its own version of the Marshall Plan as it examines its relationship with the African continent.

Women in ISIS: The Rise of Female Jihadists

Unfortunately, counterterrorism measures are often constructed around profiles of a typical male jihadi. Since women are not seen as terrorists, it is easier for them to gather and transfer the intelligence necessary to plan terrorist operations.

Death of a Dream: The Lost Hope of South Sudanese Development

South Sudan has had a difficult time since it gained independence in 2011. In the short term, security is a prerequisite for prosperity.