Dictator in Disguise

Despite his campaign of modernization in Rwanda and a democratic facade, Kagame has gradually tightened his grip on power.

Technology for Transparency: Cases from Sub-Saharan Africa

Mobile technology is revolutionizing government accountability and transparency in African countries.

Shifting Tides in Sino-African Relations

China’s relationship with South Sudan exemplifies its complex economic and diplomatic engagement with sub-Saharan Africa.

The African Refugee Crisis and Smugglers of Humanity

The African refugee crisis is manifest in the Niger town of Agadez, where an increasing wave of migration has birthed a growing people smuggling industry.

Nigeria’s Post-Election Hangover

This April, the country’s citizens elected Muhammadu Buhari president, forwarding a broad mandate to overhaul the nation’s counterterrorism strategy.

A Greener Africa

Africa’s developmental prospects hinge on sustainability and innovation.