Macron: The Anti-Establishment Centrist

A Macron victory would demonstrate to the world that centrism and pro-European liberalism can still triumph over populism and nationalism.

Defeated, but Unbowed: Mélenchon and France’s Far Left

Mélenchon’s refusal to endorse Macron may give Le Pen the power to pull from his substantial voter base before the presidential run-off.

The MOAB Mystery: Why Trump Bombed Afghanistan

MOAB is a weapon of massive proportions, but its consequences carry even greater magnitude. It is possible that its launch was a strategic maneuver, but more likely it is representative of the Trump administration’s increased willingness to use military powers.

The Wild West of the Far East: Uyghurs in Xinjiang

In Xinjiang, attacks on religious expression have long been seen as one dimension of a larger government campaign to repress Uyghur ethnic identity.

The Tragedies We Ignore

Why does a chemical attack evoke an immediate, large-scale response, while the starvation of hundreds of thousands in Syria is brushed aside?

Uncharacteristic Unrest: The Russian Public’s Protests of Putin

Unless Putin’s self-serving regime can give the Russian public something in the way of real progress, it will continue to make its voice heard.