Britain’s Patient Woman

On July 7th, the Conservative Members of Parliament chose Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom as the two candidates that would face a ballot of party members, and it became clear that Britain was going to appoint its second female Prime Minister. Yet at noon just four days later, Andrea Leadsom bowed out of the race, […]

A Special Relationship Gone Wrong

On June 23, 2016, over 17 million residents of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Overnight, the Pound Sterling dropped to a 31 year low, bringing with it the largest drop Wall Street has seen since November 2011. It soon became apparent that the consequences of the “Brexit” would not accrue solely […]

Beneath the Ink: A Deeper Look at Gang Violence in El Salvador

An examination of the historical roots of El Salvador’s prolific gang violence and the policy challenges that accompany it

Latin America’s Tarnished Crown Jewel

The decimation of Venezuela’s middle class under Chavez is directly linked to the increasing incidence of corruption and scandal.

Dictator in Disguise

Despite his campaign of modernization in Rwanda and a democratic facade, Kagame has gradually tightened his grip on power.

Beyond National Humiliation: Taiwanese Identity Transformed

Taiwan has traded in the Chinese narrative of national humiliation for a unique identity of its own.