Shadow States: The Invisible Republics of the Russian Federation

Instead of replacing uncooperative regimes, Russia has taken to partitioning its neighbors in the hopes of making them easier to subjugate.

Lessons from a Venezuelan Supermarket

Dia Dia Practimercados in Venezuela is a valuable demonstration that businesses do not need to choose between making a profit and positively impacting others.

The Creation of a Banana Empire: An Investigation into Chiquita Brand

Chiquita uses the resources and labor of developing countries for the service of the first world.

Rafael Correa: The Ecuadorian Dream

Rafael Correa’s policies have left a legacy of newfound hope and faith in the effectiveness of the Ecuadorian government.

Trump and North Korea: Looking Towards the Future

It remains unclear whether the Trump administration’s stance towards North Korea will actually be any different than the strategy under President Obama.

HPRgument: French Presidential Election

The final outcome of the French presidential election have huge ramifications for not only France, but the whole of the European Union.