A New Wave of Uncertainty: Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri Resigns

Hariri’s resignation threatens to destabilize Lebanon’s fragile power balance, opening the country to a surging tide of foreign interests.

Trump in the Middle East: What We Can Learn From the Qatar Crisis

Trump’s hostility to Qatar has both weakened the stability of the Middle East and delegitimized the actions of his political subordinates.

Modi Versus the States: Economic Reform and Political Regionalism in India

The state-centered structure of India’s upper house of Parliament has frustrated Prime Minister Modi’s efforts to implement economic reform.

Historical Remembrance in Law and Justice Poland

Amidst accusations of rewriting history, the Polish government strives to bring a forgotten past to light and to give Poland a new avenue to share and publicize its historical experience.

The Land of Six Armies: Djibouti and the the Horn of Africa

Motivated by a variety of considerations, foreign powers with military bases in Djibouti are revealing their hopes and interests in the region.

From Polarization to Persecution: Lessons from Argentina’s Media War

In order to protect Argentina’s just decades-old democracy, it ultimately fell to the press to act as a check on executive power.