Europe for The Europeans: The Case for NATO Reform

Whatever Trump’s other erraticisms, he has stumbled upon an uncomfortable truth: NATO needs to be made fit for the 21st century.

Loaning Stability for Development: Chinese Aid and African Consequences

The majority of nations that received more in Chinese loans also experienced increased levels of corruption.

Poland Bans Sunday Trading: Law and Justice Remembers the Sabbath

Remembering the sabbath day, Law and Justice legislates a Sunday trading ban to keep it holy.

The Shadow of Mugabe

There remains uncertainty about how the shadow of Mugabe will affect a possible democratic transition in Zimbabwe.

Stagnant Waters: Non-Performing Loans and Challenges to European Banking

Bad debt clouds Europe’s sunny economic skies.

The Current State of Yemen: A Battleground for Competing Foreign Interests

The war in Yemen has mired foreign actors and led to devastation for Yemenis.