The African Refugee Crisis and Smugglers of Humanity

The African refugee crisis is manifest in the Niger town of Agadez, where an increasing wave of migration has birthed a growing people smuggling industry.

The Galactic School of International Relations

The parallels, parables, and prescriptions of Star Wars: The Force Awakens for international politics.

Emerging Cracks in South Asian Nuclear Deterrence

While Pakistani military officials defend the decision to develop tactical nuclear missiles, international experts and foreign policy advisors warn about dangerous implications for South Asian stability.

No Easy Answers

Growing isolationism in Europe and chronic instability in the Middle East make the current refugee crisis trickier than those of the past.

A Memo to Putin

What a foreign policy memo to Vladimir Putin might look like.

The Trouble with Bollywood

A large part of a Bollywood storyline revolves around “how to get the girl,” and sometimes this process involves harassment.