Shadow States: The Invisible Republics of the Russian Federation

Instead of replacing uncooperative regimes, Russia has taken to partitioning its neighbors in the hopes of making them easier to subjugate.

Trump and North Korea: Looking Towards the Future

It remains unclear whether the Trump administration’s stance towards North Korea will actually be any different than the strategy under President Obama.

HPRgument: French Presidential Election

The final outcome of the French presidential election have huge ramifications for not only France, but the whole of the European Union.

The MOAB Mystery: Why Trump Bombed Afghanistan

MOAB is a weapon of massive proportions, but its consequences carry even greater magnitude. It is possible that its launch was a strategic maneuver, but more likely it is representative of the Trump administration’s increased willingness to use military powers.

The Wild West of the Far East: Uyghurs in Xinjiang

In Xinjiang, attacks on religious expression have long been seen as one dimension of a larger government campaign to repress Uyghur ethnic identity.

The Perils of Emigration from the Northern Triangle

Instead of Mexico, the countries of the Northern Triangle—Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador—now supply 85 percent of Latin American immigrants entering the United States.