Towards a Linguistic Singularity

People around the world have, in a sense, become their own dictators; they are actively debasing their native languages in favor of English.

Fake It Till You Make It: Argentina’s Crisis

Argentina’s government is being rocked by protests against the murder of prosecutor Albert Nisman.

Murder in the Shadow of the Kremlin

If the Kremlin holds partial (or all) responsibility in the death of Boris Nemtsov, its motivation may not be rooted in efforts to silence the opposition, but in an effort to distract the country from the multitude of other problems facing Russia.

Pillars of Sand

American economic pressure can help stabilize the political crisis in Yemen.

Puffing Away Predispositions: Portugal’s Drug Decriminalization

Portugal’s radical drug policy is being touted as the model to follow in dealing with drug use.

The “Africanization” of Ebola

Western media ignores African medical sacrifice and devalues black lives in its depiction on Ebola.