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Affirmative Action Could Define 2020

In 2016, Trump capitalized on white resentment towards immigrants by posing immigration as a threat to the American meritocracy. In 2020, he could secure victory by painting affirmative action as the same threat to white America.

Sponsored Content in the Media: Emerging Threat or Evolution of the Industry?

While mainstream publications have made financial gains with sponsored articles, questions persist about sponsors’ effect on the media’s independence and public perceptions of the press.

America’s First White President and the Black Athlete

As expanding research shows the danger of playing football, Trump’s calls for a more violent NFL fit well into white America’s history of objectifying black athletes for their own entertainment.

Cyber Sedition: How the Alt-Right Is Challenging Free Speech on the Internet

As private platforms attempt to curb alt-right activity on the web, they must also recognize their role as the modern guardians of free speech.

Why Congress Must Act Quickly to Reform U.S. Space Law

As many private and state actors push further into space, a lack of rules and norms could lead to significant legal costs for the United States.

How Austin Petersen Can Make Libertarianism Cool Again

In an era of increasing polarization, Austin Petersen, 36-year-old libertarian from Missouri, aims to bridge the ideological gap between Democrats and Republicans.