United States

A Silver Lining for Democrats

Despite the drubbing Democrats took at the polls on November 8, there is a new generation of progressive rising stars in the party.

It Will Always Be the Economy, Stupid: Why Democrats Should Stop Degrading Their Opponents and Start Focusing on Their Voters

Democrats have lost their focus on the economy and instead have turned their focus to the stupidity of their opponents, to their electoral detriment.

The Folly of Anti-Trump Protests

Protests against president-elect Trump won’t change the outcome of the election, and they threaten the very basis of our democratic system.

Gay Marriage is a Pit Stop, Not a Destination

The Supreme Court’s ruling in Obergefell vs. Hodges was a historic victory for LGBTQ+ rights, but there are still many more issues to be addressed.

Remember Flint?

The 2016 election, in particular, has increased the speed with which the news cycle moves, further aggravating this cultural trend and reducing the attention given to issues beyond the presidential campaign.

The Role of James Comey in Clinton’s Loss

Clinton’s chance of winning the election dropped precipitously after Comey announced that the FBI had reopened its investigation into her email server.