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When the Best isn’t Good Enough: The Racial Representation Gap in Education

School systems are working to improve and engage more students in advanced academics, but the representation gap between black and white students remains almost as wide as it ever was.

Quality over Quantity: The New Challenge Facing Computer Science Education

In order to truly expand access to computer science education, states like Arkansas must strive to provide quality education.

Fighting to Fail: Low Performance on Advanced Placement Exams

In 2016, the national average score for all Advanced Placement exams taken was a mere 2.85, a failing score.

Failing Equality: Disparities in Advanced Placement Education

HPR writers weigh in on access and equity in education.

Should You Believe in Climate Change?

Most people have experienced firsthand the futility of trying to convince someone to change their political beliefs. It may often seem like these beliefs are held largely outside the realm of evidence and logic. In the case of climate change, that may be because they are. According to a 2016 study by the Pew Research […]

Why Hawaii Is a One-Party State

Why are Democrats so dominant in Hawaiian politics? Can this dominance survive the modern threats to the Democratic establishment?