United States

The “Good Guy With a Gun” Myth

The recent shooting of police officers in Dallas proves that the “good guy with a gun” isn’t always able to save the day.

Wondering What a Trump Presidency Would Be Like? Look to Maine.

Maine Governor Paul LePage shares many characteristics with Donald Trump. His reign as governor shows the danger of electing Trump president.

More Than Police Brutality: The Subtle Ways the Criminal Justice System Perpetuates Racism

The focus on police brutality has belied a subtler form of discrimination in the criminal justice system: the use of fines and fees to secure revenue.

Alton Sterling and the Criminalization of Black Lives

For every Alton Sterling, there are countless people who lose their lives and opportunities due to an extremely biased criminal justice system.

Last Internationalist Standing: Hillary Clinton and the American Foreign Policy Tradition

The presidential election will determine whether America continues the bipartisan foreign policy consensus that has been maintained for almost a century.

Trump Changes His Tone

Donald Trump’s Tuesday speech in New York was uncharacteristically tempered. What does this mean for the general election?