United States

The Republicans’ Rash Rejection of Merrick Garland

Senate Republicans’ refusal to approve Merrick Garland’s nomination not only hurts them politically but also undermines the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

The Importance of the White House Science Fair

President Obama has worked hard to improve American STEM education, and the White House Science Fair is an example of that commitment.

The Decision California Needed

The ongoing legal battle over teacher tenure should be a sign that serious reforms are needed to the California educational system.

The Problem With Bernie Sanders’ Dismissal of the South

The South isn’t too conservative for Bernie—it’s too black.

The Children Left Behind

If you’re not outraged by the state of America’s public education system, you’re not paying attention.”

Is Trump the Next Goldwater?

Trump’s nomination strategy is the same one that sank Goldwater in the general election.