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Carbon Fee and Dividend: Bipartisan Progress Towards a Climate Change Solution

A “Carbon Fee and Dividend” climate change policy “may be the only one circulating Washington D.C. which can satisfy both environmental advocates and laissez-faire capitalists alike.”

All Eyes on Georgia’s Sixth: Analyzing Ossoff and Handel’s Campaign Finances

Alisha Ukani unveils the changing faces behind the funding fight for Georgia’s Sixth District, the most expensive House election in history.

The Unlikely Couple: The Rise of Public-Private Partnerships in the United States

Chris Kuang challenges the stereotype that public and private ownership are mutually exclusive, and analyzes the benefits of public-private partnerships.

The Cost of Impeachment

In light of the calls for President Trump’s impeachment, Staff Writer Danny Friedman analyzes the potentially dangerous costs of ousting the president.

Right-To-Work Is Wronging Workers

As right-to-work continues to gain momentum across the country, Staff Writer and Associate Tech Editor Alisha Ukani and partner Matthew Watson analyze the significant economic and political costs it poses to American workers.

Artificial Wombs: How They Could Save Lives but Kill Abortion Rights

Artificial wombs have the potential to save many lives. However, under current legal precedent set by the Supreme Court, they may also threaten women’s abortion rights.