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The Pro-business Argument for Single-payer Healthcare

Only through the collaboration of all public and private actors can truly progressive change, such as the implementation of a more efficient, publicly-funded healthcare system, take place.

The Importance of Civics Education in Local Politics

Due in large part to the lack of civics courses in high schools, people remain unaware of the powers they hold as citizens of the United States, making them believe they lack the ability to incur change.

From Sandwich Spokesman to Trump Copycat: Bo Dietl and the Eccentric Political Outsider

On November 7, 2017, New Yorkers flocked to the polls to vote for their mayor after an electoral process marred by a familiar sight: the presence of a political outsider characterized by vulgar language, name-calling, racism, and irrational yelling. “Wild Man” Bo Dietl, known more for his promotion of Arby’s roast beef than his political […]

Safe, Legal, and Rare: The Democrats’ Evolving Stance on Abortion

Retaking the “safe, legal, and rare” narrative, while fighting for and protecting reproductive rights through policy, would allow Democrats to be the pro-choice party but access a larger portion of the electorate.

When the Free Market Just Won’t Cut It: A Need for Regulation in Space

Despite the ongoing constructive relationship between scientific exploration and commercial space interests, regulation will soon be necessary in order to mitigate harmful competition between the two.

Not Exactly Rocket Science

America has entered a new age of private-public partnership and international cooperation in space.