United States

Scientology and Tax Exemptions

Claims of abuse in the Church of Scientology warrant investigation of the organization’s tax-exempt status.

Why Not Martin O’Malley?

On April 10, Elizabeth Warren joined Jon Stewart on The Daily Show and declared, “Powerful corporations [and] rich people have figured out that if you can bend the government to help you just a little bit, it’s a tremendous payoff, and if you can bend it to help you just a little bit more and […]

Big Tobacco: Why Smoking Is Not Going Away

The unexpected international impacts of American smoking laws.

Let Them Eat Fish: Why Food Stamp Restrictions Are a Bad Idea

Republican efforts to restrict the use of food stamps are antithetical to their support for individual liberty and ignore the underlying issues of poverty.

School Shootings: An American Problem

The causes of the United States’s school shooting dilemma.

Cutting Spending, Dividing the Party

Ongoing debates over government spending have exposed a rift between fiscal hawks and defense hawks in the Republican Party.