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Here Comes The Sun

In the last presidential election, Democrats and Republicans each spent nearly a billion dollars in campaigning. The National Rifle Association, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the American Association of Retired Persons, and other political action committees also pour billions of dollars into Washington to influence legislation. In 2013 alone, lobbyist groups spent $3.24 billion [...]

Feelings and Evidence in the TFA Debate

The best evidence we have supports neither the protest nor the zealous support that typically dominates the TFA debate.

Social Media Usage on the Rise for Women and Likely Voters

Politics is going viral.

Republican Turnout Likely to be High in Midterm Elections

Broad youth disengagement has affected Republicans less than Democrats.

Healthcare is Still on Young Voters’ Minds

Healthcare is the most important issue to young voters.

Young People Aren’t Sure Who to Trust

Wariness of politics is a bipartisan phenomenon.