United States

Last Internationalist Standing: Hillary Clinton and the American Foreign Policy Tradition

The presidential election will determine whether America continues the bipartisan foreign policy consensus that has been maintained for almost a century.

Trump Changes His Tone

Donald Trump’s Tuesday speech in New York was uncharacteristically tempered. What does this mean for the general election?

America’s Crumbling Infrastructure System

Months ago, thousands of college students in the Greater Boston area—I among them— returned to school on the Sunday after Thanksgiving break. Living only an hour away from Boston, my family was confident that, despite crowded seasonal traffic conditions, our ride on the I-90 wouldn’t be that awful. After all, around Massachusetts the “Pike” is […]

The Republicans’ Rash Rejection of Merrick Garland

Senate Republicans’ refusal to approve Merrick Garland’s nomination not only hurts them politically but also undermines the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

The Importance of the White House Science Fair

President Obama has worked hard to improve American STEM education, and the White House Science Fair is an example of that commitment.

The Decision California Needed

The ongoing legal battle over teacher tenure should be a sign that serious reforms are needed to the California educational system.