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Liberals Must Reclaim the West

Liberals cannot champion science, secularism, or social welfare without a firm grounding in liberal principles. Yet, by smuggling the West into conservative territory, the Trumpian right has put Democrats in a tight spot

Republican Rebirth: How Backlash to Trump Is Revealing a New Conservative Movement

Trump’s election has revealed an age gap within the GOP that offers millennial Republicans an opportunity to restore unity in the party and bipartisanship across the aisle.

Obama, Trump, and the History of Presidential Relationships

A deeper look into the history of relationships between presidents reveals the underlying forces that may cause Obama to speak out against Trump.

HPR Chat: Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy

HPR editors discuss the POLITICO feature on Success Academy CEO Eva Moskowitz

Pro-Life Democrats in the Post Trump Agenda

As pro-life Democrats continue to seek a voice within the party, they offer a potential win for family services —and a blue victory in the voting booth.

The Old Guard vs. the New Wave: Power Struggles in Rural America

In a part of the country where voters deeply distrust the political establishment in the best of times, the 2016 election caused the established political structure to rapidly transform.