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Why Tillerson Must Stay

Byron Hurlbut argues that Tillerson’s unique value as a voice of reason within the Trump administration makes his presence in the White House invaluable to the American people.

Of “A Gay Girl in Damascus” and the Real New Media

I suggest tuning into the medium-sized brouhaha that has emerged in the wake of “A Gay Girl in Damascus” – an affair far more morally and politically significant than what a Long Island congressman decided to do with his digitally-rendered private parts.

Anthony Weiner’s Corruption

The relationship between representative and represented is sacred, and by trading political admiration for sexual gratification, Anthony Weiner corrupted that relationship.

McCain Clears the Air on Torture

In the aftermath of Osama bin Laden’s death, the merits of enhanced interrogation are at issue again.  Required reading on the topic is Senator John McCain’s (R-AZ) op-ed in the Washington Post on Thursday.  For anyone who distinguishes between “new McCain” and “old McCain,” this is old McCain at his finest: principled, independent, and convincing. […]

The Edwards Middle School Writes About Politics

For the past ten weeks, writers from the Harvard Political Review have been meeting with 6th graders from the Clarence R Edwards Middle School in Charlestown, MA to talk about politics and the fundamentals of journalism. Together, we’ve taken on some of the biggest issues facing our country — from health care reform, to education policy, […]

Melvil Dewey and The Legacy of Google’s “Knowledge Group”

The historical precedent for Google’s “Knowledge Group”