Free Speech Means Free Speech

Yiannopoulos is a troll. To defeat him, we must fight him

Sanctuaries: Resisting Trump’s Immigration Policies

After Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election in November 2016, mayors of so-called “sanctuary cities” across the United States braced for changes to federal immigration policy by resolving to shield undocumented workers in their cities from deportation authorities. The number of sanctuary cities in the United States has skyrocketed to over 340 over the […]

Mandatory National Service: Reflections from the NAC

U.S. Army veteran Joe Goodwin talked with students about a proposal for a mandatory national service program

Interview: Dr. Thomas A. Burke, EPA

An interview with Dr. Thomas A. Burke, the former Science Advisor and deputy assistant administrator for the Office of Research and Development at the EPA.

A Modern Choice on Life

In 1939, a bill was placed before Congress seeking to allow 20,000 Jewish refugee children into America to escape the horrors of the Holocaust. In a flurry of America-first sentiment, the bill died on the Senate floor, and the would-be refugees were left to their fate. Seventy-one years to date after the largest Nazi death […]

Battle Lines: Bipartisanship in the Age of Trump

In the age of Trump, unlikely bipartisanship has blossomed. Ever since President Trump’s shocking victory last November, he has shown no signs of giving up his raucous and bombastic style, much to the dismay of his opponents and some of his supporters. In addition, his administration has become embroiled in a series of embarrassing PR […]