Women in Tech: The Missing Demographic

In the 2016 test administrations, women comprised only a quarter of test-takers in STEM subjects like physics, calculus and computer science; while making up roughly half of test-takers in non-STEM fields like US History.

When the Best isn’t Good Enough: The Racial Representation Gap in Education

School systems are working to improve and engage more students in advanced academics, but the representation gap between black and white students remains almost as wide as it ever was.

Quality over Quantity: The New Challenge Facing Computer Science Education

In order to truly expand access to computer science education, states like Arkansas must strive to provide quality education.

Fighting to Fail: Low Performance on Advanced Placement Exams

In 2016, the national average score for all Advanced Placement exams taken was a mere 2.85, a failing score.

HPR Interview: IOP Fellow Sarah Hurwitz

This semester, the HPR continues our series of interviews with the IOP Resident Fellows. For this installment, we sat down with Spring 2017 Fellow Sarah Hurwitz to discuss her career as a speechwriter in the Obama administration for both the President and the First Lady.

Obama and Fake News: Interview with Josh Earnest

“The media is not having any trouble at all being the watchdog.”