One-for-None: Aid Dependency and the “TOMS Model”

TOMS has received ample praise, gaining popularity for its innovative, impact-oriented brand that also makes products consumers enjoy. However, this seemingly idyllic model has a serious flaw: profit takes precedence over impact.

Women in ISIS: The Rise of Female Jihadists

Unfortunately, counterterrorism measures are often constructed around profiles of a typical male jihadi. Since women are not seen as terrorists, it is easier for them to gather and transfer the intelligence necessary to plan terrorist operations.

Republicans: See Something? Say Something.

The Department of Homeland Security has a motto: “If you see something, say something.” Well, we’ve seen quite a bit over the last month and Republicans in Congress have said next to nothing. The Russian government has interfered with our election. There is evidence that President Trump’s campaign team had unsavory discussions with Russian officials […]

Strike: Activism on Harvard’s Campus

Local change is easier to enact than national change, and students have a unique privilege to advocate for change in their institutions.

Police Brutality: A Statistical Perspective

Identifying the police as one block of people with the same mindset, biases, and behaviors is dangerous if one hopes to understand the racial aspect of police brutality.

Opening Doors with Open Data

Harvard, as a leading research institution, should take steps toward implementing an open data policy.