HPR Interview: IOP Fellow Michael Blake

HPR’s Multimedia Team sits down with IOP Fall 2016 fellow Michael Blake to learn more about his experiences as a New York State Assemblyman, representing parts of the Bronx.

“No Justice, No Peace”: The HUDS Rally (9/30)

HPR’s multimedia team provides a brief introduction to the current HUDS strike while glimpsing into a rally held with students on Sept. 30.

Rebirth in Onagawa

A small fishing town in rural Japan undergoes a process of revitalization after a tragic natural disaster destroyed it five years ago.

“Paid in Experience”

“I’m getting paid in experience.” As an intern on Capitol Hill, I hear this line at least twice a day, nearly every day, from my fellow interns hoping to justify their time spent as an unpaid summer intern. Only about one in three interns on the Hill are paid, yet thousands of college students take […]

#WickedProud: The Sights of Boston Pride 2016

A day before the horrific shootings at a gay nightclub in Orlando, only rain could have dampened the spirits of both the participants and onlookers of the 2016 Boston Pride Parade—perhaps the shining jewel in the month-long crown of Boston Pride events. Mayor Marty Walsh held a prime position near the front of this year’s […]

Spring 2016 IOP Fellows Interview: Gary Locke

Interview with spring 2016 IOP fellow and former Ambassador to China, Gary Locke. A transcript of the interview can be found here. Image source: Associated Press