Omarosa Manigault: “For the first time, the status quo is at stake”

“So what’s at stake is the status quo. There are people who hope to maintain it. There are people who want to destroy it. There are people who don’t understand it…”

“Narcos” and Reality: Interview with Juan Pablo Escobar

“I am sure of one thing: if I did the same exact thing that Netflix does with my father’s image, I would be killed, do not doubt it for a second…”

The Future of Polling and the Role of Social Media: Interview with Patrick Ruffini

“I think being a Trump defender on November 9th is not going to look as good within the Republican Party, and I think there’ll be an opportunity to rebuild.”

Trump, Drugs and Ayotzinapa: Interview with Former Mexican President Vicente Fox

“Everything [Trump] has said, everything he has proposed, has created enemies against him worldwide and especially in Mexico…”

Interview: Tomi Lahren

“People look at it and think it’s really cliché, really stereotypical, that I’m America’s Barbie Doll, what have you. I’ll proudly wear that badge. I love this country and it infuriates me when people disrespect it.”

On Connecting Communities and Politics: A Conversation with Michael Henne

“I want Ulection to help make candidates household names, so when election season comes around, elected officials can share policy decisions with their communities…”