A Life of Public and Military Service: Interview with General James “Tom” Hill

“I believe firmly and deeply in the dignity of all human beings, and I think that came through in my leadership style and the way I cared for people.”

Consulting and Conservatives: Interview with Roger Stone

“The only thing worse in politics than being wrong is being boring. And Donald Trump is never boring.”

Fellows and Study Groups: Interview with Eric Andersen

“Politicians are not devious, and they do not have ulterior motives.”

New World Order: Interview with Dmitri Trenin

“What we have now is confrontation: if we talk about the United States and Russia, I think it is worse at times than the Cold War was, but it is bad in its own way.”

Environment and Advocacy: Interview with Marshall Saunders

“If we want a planet to live on, we are going to have to have the greatest social revolution of all time.”

Governing Vermont: Interview with Peter Shumlin

“The worst thing about American politics, in my view, is that it has become a career.”