Hanif Qadir: Founder of the Active Change Foundation

“The War on Terror absolutely can be won” – Hanif Qadir discusses counter-terrorism efforts in the 21st century.

/ April 1, 2014

Hilda Solis: Former Secretary of Labor

Former Secretary of Labor Solis talks recovery, green jobs, and climate preparedness.

/ March 25, 2014

Bill Kristol: ‘Weekly Standard’ Editor

"President Obama has overreacted, overcorrected, and drawn the wrong lessons from the Bush experience" – William Kristol discusses the United States' evolving foreign policy

/ March 24, 2014

Thomas Menino: Mayor of Boston 1993 – 2014

"Coming out of the marathon bombing, I think that we’re a much stronger city than we were going in" – Thomas Menino discusses his tenure as mayor

/ March 9, 2014

Congresswoman Katherine Clark

Rep. Clark discusses public service, congressional gridlock, and efforts to combat gender inequities in the workforce.

/ March 7, 2014

Yo-Yo Ma: Cellist and Grammy Award Winner

“There Are Different Spaces for Music; It’s a Big Mansion” –– Yo-Yo Ma discusses the evolving political role of music.

/ March 6, 2014

On the Record: Spring 2014 IOP Fellow Shira Center

  Nicholas Bonstow sits down with Spring 2014 IOP Fellow Shira Center, who is the Politics Editors for Roll Call, to discuss the intersection of gender, politics and the media. You can access additional content by subscribing to our YouTube channel and visiting our iTunes page. Interview by Nicholas Bonstow Filming and Editing by Johanna Lee Music by Dylan Perese

, and / March 1, 2014

Ben Smith: BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief

"The pressure on me is always to go faster and build more" – Smith discusses BuzzFeed's entry into political journalism

/ February 28, 2014

On the Record: Spring 2014 IOP Fellow Bob White

  Osaremen Okolo interviews Spring 2014 IOP Fellow Bob White, the founding partner of Bain Capital and political wingman of Mitt Romney, to discuss his personal career and involvement in supporting Romney’s political campaigns. Bob White’s IOP study group, called “The ‘Wingman’ in the War Room: A Private Sector Perspective on Presidential Politics” takes place on Tuesdays at 4pm in ... Read More

, and / February 27, 2014

Stuart Stevens: Romney’s Chief Strategist

"There is no one Mitt Romney that people saw on the campaign" – Stuart Stevens discusses his work with the 2012 campaign

/ February 25, 2014

Alex Castellanos: Republican Strategist

Castellanos: If Politicians Are “Only for Saying ‘No,’ Get out of Politics”

/ February 16, 2014

Mike McCurry: Press Secretary to President Clinton

"It was not a particularly comfortable situation" –– Mike McCurry discusses his time in the White House during the Lewinsky scandal.

/ February 5, 2014

Margaret Hodge: Labour MP

“It’s a bit of a David and Goliath battle.” Margaret Hodge MP takes on multi-national corporations and their tax practices.

/ January 27, 2014

Tom Countryman: Assistant Secretary of State

The HPR sits down with the assistant secretary of state for international security and nonproliferation to discuss Iran, Syria, and a career in the State Department.

/ January 19, 2014

Evan Bayh: Former Senator and Governor of Indiana

The HPR sits down with former Indiana senator and governor Evan Bayh to discuss No Labels, bipartisanship, and the national debt.

/ January 2, 2014

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