Behind the Red Sweater: Interview with Ken Bone

“I trust the average voter to make up their own mind; I do not have such a low opinion of the average American as a lot of people seem to.”

Transparency and “Alternative Facts”: Interview with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski

“We don’t like guarding our words.”

Political Consulting: Interview with Joe Slade White

“When you’re a poverty-stricken underdog Democratic campaign, you don’t have many choices, so you’ve got to figure out what you can do right and execute that.”

A Life of Public and Military Service: Interview with General James “Tom” Hill

“I believe firmly and deeply in the dignity of all human beings, and I think that came through in my leadership style and the way I cared for people.”

Voices of Comedy and Activism: Interview with Jonny Sun

“Entering that Twitter comedy space was like I found a lot of people who were hilarious; I wanted to play with them and tell jokes the way they did and feel like I was part of this funny community of people.”

Militarization and SWAT: Interview with Craig Atkinson

“I can see where the overuse of SWAT has created such ill-will in the community that it is making the officers’ lives more dangerous.”