Hillary Ad Blitz

Recent reports suggest the Clinton Campaign has outdone Trump when it comes to raising money. Here’s where it all goes.

Trump’s War Chest

Donald Trump is well known for financing his own campaign, but just how well prepared is he for the General Election?

Paul Ryan—A Man of Principle

As the Republican Party struggles to reconcile itself with Donald Trumps impending candidacy, Paul Ryan swoops for some much needed damage control.

Trump Hits 1237

The Republican Presidential Field has degenerated into a fairground on fire as Trump hits the magic number.

Hillary Extinguishes the Bern

As she marches towards the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton deploys her secret weapon to douse out the Sanders Campaign.

Former Coworkers too Busy to Meet Up, Talk Politics

Former Senator Hillary Clinton appeared dispirited last week following a days-long attempt to coordinate a time to meet up with her former colleague, Senator Bernie Sanders, for a casual chat about politics and the events of the day.