Trump to Credit for “White Christmas”

With President Trump in office, a “White Christmas” is guaranteed.

Darth Bannon: An Analysis

Was Lindsey Graham right? Could Steve Bannon really be Darth Vader reincarnated?

A Step Forward for Harambe

Welcoming a new male gorilla, Mshindi, to the Cincinnati Zoo is the only way to honor Harambe’s memory.

President Trump’s First Speech to Congress

The HPR has acquired a rough draft of the speech that President Trump will recite to Congress next week.

Drew Faust Announces New Cuts

Speaking from Massachusetts Hall last night, Harvard University President Drew Giplan Faust announced power cuts in a radical plan to salvage the $2bn loss in the university’s endowment.

Email Déjà Vu

  The DNC just can’t seem to brush off those damned emails.