HPRgument Posts

Broad Sanctions are a Disaster for Sororities

While the new recommendation rightfully adopts harsh measures against exclusionary practices of final clubs, it fails to recognize that USGSOs differ greatly in the form or degree of exclusion they exercise.

Banning Final Clubs Won’t Protect Women

Harvard must find meaningful policy measures that support and empower women, rather than looking to promote a trendy, headline-grabbing ban on USGSOs that does little for the people it purports to help.

Final Clubs and the Free Market

Instead of punishing any private exclusionary group, Harvard should pass nuanced, narrowly-tailored statutes to limit the final clubs’ excessive market power and encourage genuinely free competition in Harvard’s social marketplace.

Sanctions are Not Enough

Banning final clubs is a good start, but it does not go far enough.

Macron: The Anti-Establishment Centrist

A Macron victory would demonstrate to the world that centrism and pro-European liberalism can still triumph over populism and nationalism.

Defeated, but Unbowed: Mélenchon and France’s Far Left

Mélenchon’s refusal to endorse Macron may give Le Pen the power to pull from his substantial voter base before the presidential run-off.