HPRgument Posts

The World Needs Rex Tillerson

By looking into Tillerson’s positive influence on Trump’s foreign policy, Ben Paris demonstrates the immense potential costs of Tillerson’s resignation.

A Regime In Crisis

By looking into the troubled history of loyalty-obsessive leaders, Lauren Anderson argues that Trump’s consistent demands of loyalty from administration officials could lead to his own demise.

Tillerson vs. Trump: The CEO-In-Chief

Cara Kupferman shows how Trump’s feud with Tillerson reveals a CEO-style of leadership that could impede Trump’s domestic agenda.

Who Will Start Rexit?

Mikael Tessema dives into the perspectives of Trump and Tillerson in order to understand the most likely causes of Tillerson’s potential resignation.

A More Confrontational Foreign Policy on the Horizon?

By analyzing Tillerson’s reasoned influence on Trump’s foreign policy, Noah Redlich argues that Tillerson’s resignation would lead to a more confrontational U.S. foreign policy.

Why Tillerson Must Stay

Byron Hurlbut argues that Tillerson’s unique value as a voice of reason within the Trump administration makes his presence in the White House invaluable to the American people.