HPRgument Posts

The Party of the Common Defense

Donald Trump is changing the long-standing perception that the Republican Party is stronger than the Democratic Party on defense and national security.

Clinton Won the Debate, Trump Won the Reality Show

While by traditional standards Hillary Clinton won Monday night’s debate, Donald Trump was more entertaining and might have swayed voters because of it.

Clinton Won, But it Doesn’t Matter

In a normal year, Clinton would have easily been declared the victor. But this is not a normal year, and Trump is not a normal candidate.

Not A Chance in Hell

Donald Trump’s vastly inaccurate portrait of black and Latino America at the presidential debate exposes his subtly racist ideology.

Trump’s Patronizing Outreach to Women and Voters of Color

If Donald Trump’s goal in the first presidential debate was to win the votes of women and people of color, he failed miserably.

A Conspicuous Absence from the Debate: Immigration

In the debate, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump traded barbs on issues from taxes to foreign policy. Absent was any discussion of Trump’s signature issue.