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The Coddling of the Republican Mind

Young Republicans are more likely than young Democrats to feel that politics are becoming less civilized, even though conservatives regularly criticize young liberals for being too sensitive in their rhetoric

Engagement on Our Own Terms

Young Americans are more interested in getting involved in politics after the election, but they want to engage in their own way

Youth in Service: A New Normal for America?

Many young Americans are committed to the idea of national service. However, the US lacks the large-scale service opportunities that other nations provide

Young Democrats Even More Motivated to Serve Post Election

In the aftermath of the November election, young Democrats are more inclined to serve in government and engage with politics

Globalization and Technology Cannot Be Trumped

“For every two steps forward, it often feels we take one step back.” With this quote, President Obama’s farewell address highlighted the potential challenges that could roll back the economic progress of the last eight years. Marked by a tone of cautious optimism, his speech both acknowledged the economic progress we’ve made and offered a […]

Four More Years: President Obama Will be Sorely Missed

In the 2016 Presidential Election, nearly half of all eligible voters in the United States chose not to vote. Most among this demographic have no regrets about doing so, even though they would have likely changed the election’s outcome. It is in the context of this deep disillusionment that President Obama, who so inspired America […]