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Political Isolation Among Young Americans

Young people are self-segregating based on their political views at frightening levels, contributing to the growing problem of political polarization.

From the Outside In: Young Americans’ Views on Creating Political Change

In the wake of the 2016 election, many young Americans see the best ways to effect change as outside of the political system.

A Lost Generation for the GOP?

President Trump’s extreme unpopularity among young voters could have a devastating impact on the Republican Party down the road.

Despite Dissatisfaction, Millennials Hesitant to Engage in Politics

Despite an apparent increase in millennials’ interest in politics, only 25 percent found the idea of working in public service to be appealing.

Women in Tech: The Missing Demographic

In the 2016 test administrations, women comprised only a quarter of test-takers in STEM subjects like physics, calculus and computer science; while making up roughly half of test-takers in non-STEM fields like US History.

When the Best isn’t Good Enough: The Racial Representation Gap in Education

School systems are working to improve and engage more students in advanced academics, but the representation gap between black and white students remains almost as wide as it ever was.