HPRgument Posts

In Defense of Single-Sex Organizations

Harvard College wants to be able to do as it pleases with these single-sex groups, but it is in no position to impress its will as it sees fit.

Why Punching Women Doesn’t Solve Everything

While I do commend the Spee for including women, I do not think this necessarily solves the club’s misogynistic undertones, but rather detracts from it.

Identity Crisis

Mass migration into Europe is something of a new phenomenon.

Xenophobia and the Refugee Crisis: Poised to Explode

Heightened support for anti-immigrant parties could also bleed over into nearby countries that haven’t seen success with ultra-conservative groups and influence their political climate.

Lessons From Gaziantep

“Refugees will take our jobs” is the battle cry for many, but it is a false one.

Redefining the Union

Unity and division within the EU are often presented as mutually exclusive. This current refugee crisis has shown that this dichotomy need not exist.