HPRgument Posts

America’s Lack of Democratic Fervor

One of the most exercised rights of a U.S. citizen is the “freedom” to refuse to take part in the democratic process—the freedom not to vote.

Millennials and Multilateralism

Millennials are disillusioned with the United Nations’s capacity to effectively handle international crisis. They appear to that believe the United States should act independent of international organizations.

The Apathy of Our Age

Capitalism, the basis of the American economy and the cornerstone of American society, is largely doubted by Millennials.

Millennials and Feminism: We Recognize Problems but Don’t Support a Solution

Support for feminism among young Americans is low and identification as feminist even less common.

Many Millennials Believe Justice System Racially Biased

The majority of Millennial minorities believe the system is biased against them.

GOP Faces Cruz, not Trump, as Popularity Contest Winner

The choice of Republican candidates represents a debate over who is less unpopular.