Female Leadership at Harvard: The Cracked Glass Ceiling

it can’t be ignored that Harvard is still near or past parity in almost every category. This raises a more normative question: what are we aiming for? Is parity the goal, in which case we have almost all achieved it? Or, do we want to go beyond parity?

Music Culture at Harvard: Journey of the Non-Classical Musician

Harvard’s music department is an excellent resource for students interested in jazz, classical, and even electro-acoustical music. In addition, well-established a cappella groups and choirs provide ample opportunities for vocalists, but there is very little institutional support for musicians interested in pursuing less-traditional genres.

If We Want Equality, Then We Must Stop Perpetuating Gender Roles

We should integrate the pre-professional groups on campus and bring both sexes together.

Looking Back to Progress Forward: Controversies of Sexual Assault Policy

Our Harvard Can Do Better recommended that Harvard’s policy make it explicit that “the absence of a no is not a yes.”

The Evolution of Feminism

Feminism is about breaking molds so that we no longer feel the need to carve ourselves away to fit in one.

Studying Abroad at Harvard: Overcoming the Fear of Missing Out

The distance and perspective afforded by spending a semester abroad can allow students to realize what it means to truly be successful.