The 2014 UC Voter Guide

A cheat sheet for voters on the most debated issues.

Let’s Talk: A Response to “Dear IOP”

Will we, as a community, do the hard work of looking in the mirror?

Perspectives on Stillman

This morning at 2 AM, Harvard University Health Services Director Paul Berreira circulated an email announcing that HUHS will no longer offer in-person urgent care or overnight infirmary services. As Berreira explains it, the move should free up resources to allow “increased access to same-day appointments and other services.” In this piece, four HPR writers offer their […]

Leaving Students in Absentia

The recent attendance study reminds us that Harvard sees students not as independent adults, but as independent variables.

Sexitas: Sexual Health at Harvard

Harvard should take charge in improving sexual health education and condom accessibility, setting an example for colleges across the nation.

The Culture Behind Asian Donations to U.S. Universities

Gerald Chan’s recent donation to Harvard fits with a growing trend of international donors to U.S. universities, especially those from Hong Kong and China.