All Things Training Module

Title IX’s online module merits discussion due to its implications on how to make training on the topic of sexual harassment feel essential and empowering.

Plastic Spoons: Why Harvard’s Endowment Matters

It is true that Harvard is very wealthy, but it is this wealth that affords students of all backgrounds the opportunity to receive a Harvard education

Pro-HUDS, Anti-Strike: Advice for Student Activists

Here is my case for how supporters of the strike can make our case more compelling, and how student activism can be more effective.

Healthcare vs. Wealthcare

Harvard’s reasoning has fallen short of resolving the dispute because it fails to recognize that the issue runs deeper than profit margins: HUDS workers, as an important part of the Harvard community, want to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect.

How the Other Half Thinks

The campus discourse surrounding the HUDS strike demonstrates our political division

The Untold Stories of Freshman Dorming

It is vital that the Harvard undegraduate community take the time to become more receptive and fully address negative housing experiences.