Speech, Safety, and Seinfeld: College Policies on Free Speech

College administrators, comedians, and politicians alike have reinvigorated a debate about the tradeoffs between freedom of speech and policies protecting the mental health of students from historically marginalized backgrounds.

Problematic: The Battle for Free Speech

I urge students on Harvard’s campus and on college campuses nationwide to avoid other colleges’ mistakes: we must take individual action to promote free exchange in any way we can.

The New Form of Self Improvement: Harvard’s Tourists

Harvard tourists give students the ultimate challenge, but also the ultimate reward.

HPRgument: Tradition vs Gender Equality

Two events in recent weeks have brought Harvard’s attention lack of gender equality in exclusive student organizations.

My Mom Makes Me Go to Parties

Deep and meaningful relationships take time, but things will get better. They will always get better.

From Zero to Zuckerberg: An Insider’s Guide to Harvard Startups