If We Want Equality, Then We Must Stop Perpetuating Gender Roles

We should integrate the pre-professional groups on campus and bring both sexes together.

Looking Back to Progress Forward: Controversies of Sexual Assault Policy

Our Harvard Can Do Better recommended that Harvard’s policy make it explicit that “the absence of a no is not a yes.”

The Evolution of Feminism

Feminism is about breaking molds so that we no longer feel the need to carve ourselves away to fit in one.

The Case in Defense of the Humanities

Studying the humanities is not mutually exclusive with making money

An Analysis of Student Activism at Harvard

While Harvard-supported programs allow students to think about social injustices, student-initiated advocacy demands a critical self-reflection—a practice that, in the context of Harvard, can explain the small scale of campus activism.

Harvard Should Fix Its Gender Gap

Many of Harvard’s STEM departments face a radical gender imbalance. What can Harvard do to fix this problem?