How the Other Half Thinks

The campus discourse surrounding the HUDS strike demonstrates our political division

In Defense of Neutrality

An organization that invalidates conservative views should not claim to be a truly safe space.

Combatting Sexual Assault: Consent Classes at Harvard

Consent should be simple. As a popular tea analogy makes clear, “if you can understand how completely ludicrous it is to force people to have tea when they don’t want tea…then how hard is it to understand it when it comes to sex?” Indeed, when we talk about sexual consent, it can be easy to […]

From Silicon to Gold: Venture Capital at Harvard

As student start-ups gain traction, venture capitalists pull them to the top.

Sometimes Stupid Things Are Constitutional: On The Legality of Social Sanctions

Though the recent sanctions on single-gender organizations may be undesirable, it would be nearly impossible to challenge them on legal grounds.

Not That Silent: Clinton Supporters at Harvard

Harvard is not only a hotbed of college liberalism, but also a training ground for the establishment.