Patriotism for All: Interview with Khizr Khan

“Xenophobia is un-American,” says Khizr Khan, who famously spoke out against President Trump last summer.

Autocracy at Midnight

In any constitutional republic, a leader rules both by the popular will and within the confines of the law. Prime Minister Modi cannot use his grip of the former as an excuse to trample upon the latter.

Challenging Rape Culture from the White House: A Lasting Legacy?

One in five women and one in 16 men are sexually assaulted while in college. Yet, more than 90 percent of victims do not report their assault. Although the climate that allows this to happen is often mistakenly attributed to the presence of alcohol, sexual promiscuity, and partying, it is actually rape culture—the acceptance of […]

Interview: Tomi Lahren

“People look at it and think it’s really cliché, really stereotypical, that I’m America’s Barbie Doll, what have you. I’ll proudly wear that badge. I love this country and it infuriates me when people disrespect it.”

City & Coloured: Race, Space, and Redistribution in Cape Town

Cape Town is home to many, but paradise to few.

The Untold Stories of Freshman Dorming

It is vital that the Harvard undegraduate community take the time to become more receptive and fully address negative housing experiences.