Building Bridges

What Washington can learn from Harvard

Rage against the Shepherd

Let’s prove Deresiewicz wrong.

Best Years of Our Lives

We are often reminded—by friends, relatives, and even the media—that the four years of college are the best years of our lives.

Opening the Dining Hall

A short history of trust at Harvard

One Harvard

The Harvard Campaign publicly launched a little less than two months ago, when the university announced that it would seek to raise $6.5 billion in what is primed to be the largest single fundraising effort in higher education to date. In addition to initiatives focused on financial aid, house renewal, and Harvard’s global impact, the […]

Surviving the Storm

Just before this edition of the HPR went to press, the U.S. federal government remained shut down, a victim of allegedly irreconcilable differences between our political parties. The shutdown may be the stuff of history textbooks, but a few weeks earlier, there was another remarkable occurrence, this time a cross-continental op-ed submission. Vladimir Putin, the […]