Twitter, Graffiti, and Femicide

Faced by extreme levels sexual harassment and assault, Mexican women are fighting back on social media. Twitter hashtags serve as rallying cries against femicide. The movement has garnered international attention and intervention by the United Nations.

Rap’s Changing Face and the Rise of Atlanta

While rap giant New York City has historically maintained its title as rap’s preeminent hotbed, Atlanta’s recent rise in prominence looks to change the face of the hip-hop scene.

The O.J. Simpson Case: More than a Verdict

More than two decades after the verdict was announced, two 2016 TV series revisited O.J. Simpson trial. The creators of “American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson” and “O.J.: Made in America” cast new light on the trial, critiquing the sensationalism and bias that characterize American media and popular culture.

Finding the “Asian” in “South Asian”

In order to deconstruct the stereotypes faced by Asian Americans, the term “Asian American” itself must include the diverse experiences of both East and South Asians. Alisha Ukani uses Alex Tizon’s memoir “Big Little Man” to critique the use of “Asian American” to mean “East Asian American” and highlight the pervasive problem of South Asian erasure.

Chinawood: Why the Chinese Movie Industry Faces Challenges in International Markets

Chinese film producers are taking on obstacles of cultural differences, censorship, and trade regulations in an attempt to break into the international film market.

June in the Rift Valley

Staff writer Olivia Herrington reflects on her time at the Rift Valley Children’s Village in Tanzania, and what the children there taught her.