Bannon, Darwin, and the Abuse of Science

White supremacy and pseudoscience have long informed Steve Bannon’s worldview. Under Bannon’s influence, they now dictate how the United States is governed.

Inside the Climate Science Witch Hunts

Politically-motivated Freedom of Information Act inquiries are undermining climate scientists’ ability to do important work.

The Art of Canvassing

Donald Trump’s first portrait as president sparks exploration of how presidential portraiture reflects contemporary American values of power and leadership.

Gravity, an Obituary

Reflecting on the lasting legacy of Nicolas Leslie, one of the 87 victims of the Bastille Day attacks last year in Nice, France.

Reflecting on Moonlight: The Power of Intersectional Representation

I have watched many queer films, many coming of age films, and many black films, but never have I seen a film so rooted in contemporary blackness.

It Was Never About the Emails

Recent revelations about Vice President Pence’s use of a personal email while in office is another example of women being held to higher standards than men.