Civic Illiteracy in America

The low quality of American civic education undermines the strength of democracy. Schools, at both the K-12 and collegiate level, must make civic education a priority and should specifically ensure that students understand the Constitution and the Supreme Court.

Return to Harlem: The Modern Black Renaissance

Instead of working to codify the “New Negro,” contemporary artists of the New Harlem Renaissance are highlighting the pluralism of black identity.

Dressed to Express: Fashion’s Role as a Political Medium

Now more than ever, young people have been using their clothing to express their political opinions and to show solidarity with causes they care about.

Paddy’s Pub Gets Political

By prioritizing humor over politics, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” tackles complex political issues in an easily palatable format.

The Big Game: How Cable News Treats Spicer’s Press Conferences Like Sports

Cable news networks are treating Sean Spicer’s press conferences a lot like sports events, but there’s more at stake than trophies; it’s politics.

Can Alabama Change?

Following Governor Robert Bentley’s scandalous resignation, can Alabama overcome decades of corruption to become more a democratic state?