Modern Is the New Normal

Modern Family is doing the same for gay rights. It has generated a dialogue and projected a message that LGBTQ+ individuals can be as loving parents, as happy, and as human as heterosexuals.

Freedom from Fascination: Representing Bipolar Disorder

Despite recent improvement, both the media and entertainment industries have a ways to go in accurately portraying bipolar disorder.

Snowden and the Cinema of Surveillance

What can the dramatization of this well-documented series of events contribute to our understanding of the political issues involved?

State of the Sitcom: Laugh Track Drawbacks

Single-camera shows display better command of tone, more polished writing, and more creative freedom than their multi-camera contemporaries.

Judging a Book by its Cover

Dissecting the popularity of “beach reads”

Pokémon Go: Beautifully Disappointing

Between the ages of eight and eleven, I was secretly sacrilegious. Whenever I said a prayer, I would tack on a silent addendum, hoping that God might hear it and make it so. Even as a child, I knew that my plea, while not technically forbidden by the man upstairs, would certainly be frowned upon […]