The Power of the Pitch

President Trump will likely be given the opportunity to throw the first pitch at a baseball game, continuing a long-held and unifying American Tradition.

From Exercise to Entertainment: The Cult of SoulCycle

SoulCycle has quickly become one of America’s most talked-about fitness brands, but not without a fair share of star-spangled controversy.

The Power of Brands

Time Inc.’s ability to create a multitude of iconic media brands is what gave it the leverage to reject a $1.8 billion buyout bid.

The Icelandic Flex

The tale of Grettir the Strong remains one of the most widely known stories in the arctic nation, yet children no longer need to aspire to be as strong as a character from a 14th century saga.

Bill O’Reilly, The Daily Show, and Cultural Sensitivity in Comedy

Creating a comedy segment with the framework of “white/Christian person talks to members of a minority group to learn more about their culture” is not flat-out impossible, nor is it doomed to be offensive and unfunny.

Modern Is the New Normal

Modern Family is doing the same for gay rights. It has generated a dialogue and projected a message that LGBTQ+ individuals can be as loving parents, as happy, and as human as heterosexuals.