Finding the Words for Hope: The Fight for Endangered Languages

Roughly one-third of the world’s 6,500 languages are endangered, giving way to hegemonic languages like English. The HPR takes a look at a few of these languages—and the people who have dedicated their lives to saving them.

Balance: Why (Some) Women Still Can’t Have it All

While leaders like Sheryl Sandberg and Anne-Marie Slaughter promote a modern work-life balance for professional women, this message only applies to those of comfortable wealth and in certain careers.

CulturEd: Bad Allies? Colin Kaepernick and White Distraction

Have allies unintentionally distracted from Colin Kaepernick’s message about police brutality in their attempts to show solidarity? The HPR’s Culture Board weighs in.

Shared Spaces: Community Living in the 21st Century

Communal living is generally associated with the counterculture movement of the ’60s and ’70s, but with new millennial demographic shifts it could be back on the rise.

CulturEd: Aung San Suu Kyi, Humanitarian of the Year?

The Culture Board discusses the Harvard Foundation’s decision to honor Aung San Suu Kyi as “Humanitarian of the Year” in September 2016, despite her silence on ethnic violence against the Rohingya Muslim minority in her country.

Guac Costs Extra

The HPR investigates the unintended consequences of fast-paced avocado consumption in the United States—soaring prices, high water consumption, and heightened cartel influence in Mexico.