President’s Note

“Criminal” is a strangely flexible word. It is a label that has been applied to individuals representing the extremes of human character, from murderers and petty thieves to Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. The notion of crime itself mirrors this malleability, with its definition shifting across eras and cultures. While crime has been […]

War Games

The United States is facing a range of challenges in an era of cyber warfare.

Out of Detention: How to Stop the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Introducing mental health care in schools is an effective method of cutting incarceration rates.

Selling Nature: The Plight of the South African Rhinoceros

How governments combat poaching as the nature of the crime changes.

More Opportunities, Fewer Sentences

Discouraging drug trafficking with the threat of mandatory minimum sentences has failed; presenting offenders with pathways to change might work.

Black Studies Matters

The protests that gave birth to black studies programs in the 1960s can inform modern campaigns for racial justice.