The Walk-Ons

While walk-ons might be considered “second-class” athletes at other Division 1 schools, Harvard takes a different approach.

Moral Mindfulness

What does the Harvard community value? Values-based dialogue should join Harvard’s already rich campus discussion.

A Tale of Two Supermen

Lebron James and Stephen Curry’s rivalry might seem like the prototypical David and Goliath story, but both players are underdogs in their own right.

I’m in it for You

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, despite their differences, both advocated for the “underdog,” embracing rhetoric which spoke directly to the disenfranchised and downtrodden.

Note From the President

The underdog narrative is very much alive today.

Dismantling Donald Trump’s “Underdog” Status

Of all the untruths peddled this election cycle, perhaps the most dangerous was that Donald Trump was the underdog.