For the People: Improving Governments with Technology

Civic tech’s focus on user-centered design improves relations between governments and their constituents.

The New Space Race

The new space race is an intense competition between private companies hoping to earn their place in the pantheon of space exploration glory.

The Liberal Tongue

At Harvard, the language we use can be both a blessing and a curse.

Police in Schools: Securing America’s Future

Perhaps the best way to police schools does not necessarily correlate with increasing the presence of police and metal detectors.

Lessons from Inspector Clouseau: What America’s Police Can Learn from Europe

Implementing policies from European countries can benefit American police forces.

Apartheid Sustained: Brutality and Distrust in South Africa’s Police Force

Today, under President Jacob Zuma’s governance, police force is being used in ways that have led some to question the strength of democracy in South Africa.