Dismantling Donald Trump’s “Underdog” Status

Of all the untruths peddled this election cycle, perhaps the most dangerous was that Donald Trump was the underdog.

Note From the President

We must acknowledge that individual communities still exist and are integral as the ultimate building blocks of society.

Love Thy Neighbor: A Human(e) Approach to Gun Violence

How one town in California has dramatically reduced gun violence through its community-based approach to prevention, and by treating gun violence as a public health problem.

From Mobilizing to Organizing: Community Organizing in Columbus, Ohio

The pace of grassroots change can seem glacial, but the people on the ground with the People’s Justice Project can feel motion.

Health in the Developing Neighborhood: Tales from Western Kenya

Inequality, bureaucracy, and other factors are impeding the development of Western Kenya’s troubled healthcare system.

Like My Status: Identity Construction Through Online Community Building

By existing in and interacting with online communities, individuals can create identity and construct a self that is often just as authentic as the physical self.