The Obama Doctrine

Reevaluating the Death Penalty

A look at the future of capital punishment in America

Freedom from Fear

A European’s take on Islam in Western democracies

The Winter 2010 HPR is Now Online!

COVERS SECTION: The Obama Doctrine: Does America Have a Foreign Policy? The Reset with Russia: Two years of “da” to a new partnership. By Joshua Lipson. Obama’s Blank Check: The tone of America’s national security policy has changed, but the substance is similar. By Peter Bozzo and Henry Shull. Remaking America’s Image: Leveraging Obama’s popularity […]

From the Editor

The HPR recently released a special online-only report examining the U.S. federal budget—the Annual Report of the United States of America (available at This report provides an accessible but comprehensive view of how the federal government spends our tax dollars. Realizing that there are a lot of misperceptions out there, we thought it would […]

The Obama Doctrine

The extent to which Obama’s efforts add up to a coherent “doctrine” remains an open question

Last Chopper Out of Kabul

What ails our foreign policy establishment?