Africa: Ready to Play?

Paper and Ink (Online)

As the business manager of a print publication, I can’t help but jump into a discussion about the issues raised in Jeffrey Kalmus’s article in the most recent issue of the HPR about the decision by the New York Times to charge for online content.  Two experiences last week stirred my thinking about the economics […]

Darfur: To Be Continued

Don’t be fooled by Darfur’s disappearance from the front pages

Obama Mad Libs

My fellow Americans… check out the HPR’s interactive Obama mad libs.

Biden and Gibbs Mad Libs

Enjoy interactive Biden and Gibbs Mad Libs

From the Editor

In this issue, the HPR has stepped outside its comfort zone by choosing a Covers topic on a region which often gets short shrift in political circles around Harvard and the Institute of Politics. Africa might not seem as current as health care reform, and it might not seem as sexy as drug politics or […]

Of Burqas and Rosaries

The EU’s Islamic Identity Crisis