Beyond Borders

A Political Education

Thoughts on a career in politics While still in high school, I read a book by Pete Carril, who for 29 years coached a series of exceptionally disciplined basketball teams at Princeton University, in which he recounted a lesson from his childhood. “In this life,” Carril’s father would tell him and his sister every morning, […]

From the Editor

Times are tough. In just the last few weeks the Dow Jones fell to a level not seen since 1997 and the unemployment rate in the United States, now over eight percent, reached a 25-year high. The bulk of the finance industry, including our largest and formerly most successful banks, exists only because the federal […]

Beyond Borders: An Introduction

Confronting global challenges in a more interconnected world “A wise man’s country is the world,” Aristippus, an ancient Greek philosopher, once said. Many others have since echoed his sentiment that individuals ought to identify with broader humanity rather than with nations.  In more recent decades, astronauts have joined this chorus, suggesting that a world without […]

The Politics of Health

Howard Zucker

Driving Forces Behind the Bailout

U.S. Senator Bob Corker on aid to the auto industry

Speaking Out

Writer and activist Rose Styron on the role of art in politics