No Grad Left Behind?

Game of Loans

How Congress can fund student loan reform and boost America’s competitiveness

The Fall 2010 HPR is Online!

COVERS SECTION: No Grad Left Behind?: The State of Higher Education in America Class Conflict: The debate over class-based affirmative action. By Peter Bozzo and Eric Smith. Dunce Ex Machina: U.S. high schools failing to prepare grads. By Caroline Cox and Kaiyang Huang. Tenure Tune-Up: Changes needed to modernize tenure. By Eric Hendey and Simon […]

Beyond Workers and Leaders

Higher education as a training ground for citizenship

From the Editor

You wouldn’t know it from flipping through the magazine, which has the same old look, but there have been some new goings-on at the HPR. I want to take this opportunity to tell you about some of them. First, we have recruited a great group of regular bloggers. These 17 students have a diverse array […]

Lost at War

A journalist’s search for purpose in a murky war

Bombs Away

A history of the world’s most dangerous weapon