The Fog of War: Drug Policy in America

Fall 2009

Fog of War Volume 36, Number 3, Fall 2009 Letter from the Editor Front Section Bursting at the Seams IAN MERRIFIELD Drug incarcerations, prison overcrowding, and community corrections Escaping the Poppy Field IVANA DJAK, NEIL PATEL American anti-opium efforts in Afghanistan The Source of the Problem ANGELA PRIMBAS Confronting prescription drug abuse Decriminalization in Massachusetts […]

Fog of War: America’s Drug Policy

Critics have long derided America’s “War on Drugs” as a mistaken moniker. Anti-drug policy, they argue, has no defined mission, no coordinated enemy, and no path to victory. In the Clinton administration, drug czar Gen. Barry McCaffrey attempted to jettison the phrase, in part because of the public’s impression that the government had lost the […]

Let Us Now Praise Famous Losers

Life after losing the Presidency Among the flurry of political maneuvering and intrigue surrounding the vacancy of Edward Kennedy’s Senate seat came the interesting proposition that a suitable placeholder might have been found in 75-year-old Michael Dukakis, a man The Boston Globe assured had “put his political ambitions behind him.”  What seemed strange about this […]

Letter from the Editor

The HPR has a unique process for choosing covers topics. Before the selection meeting, staff and contributors submit proposals with a brief description of the topic and a list of potential articles. After a group discussion, we vote to narrow the field to the two or three best proposals, and then continue to vote until […]

A Local Perspective in Afghanistan

Rory Stewart on the current state of politics in Afghanistan

Light Rail Policy Picks Up Speed

Governor Michael Dukakis on the politics and potential growth of high speed rail public transportation