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As I type this I’m streaking down the highway in a Megabus-turned-Boltbus with the jagged skyline of my city, Philadelphia, in sights. Read any of the recent headlines from Philadelphia’s media outlets and you will almost prevailingly find them to be about some aspect of the Pope Francis’ recent sojourn in Philly. Now that the […]

Harper Lee’s Imperfect Heroes

The first set of articles to be published after Harper Lee’s new novel was released this summer were marked by the same sentiment: Atticus Finch, now a racist. Despite the huge hype surrounding the book, the New Yorker deemed Lee’s novel “a failed novel about race”. Critics reduced the novel to a “distressing narrative filled with […]

In Horton Hears a Who, the Dr. Seuss You Never Knew!

Dr. Seuss’s powerful penciled lines and brushstrokes lent his cartoons even more clout in the political sphere, and to harmful effect. They remind us, in short, of the interplay between art and politics.

One Hundred Years of Remembrance

History, Gabriel Garcia Marquez suggests, can be manipulated

Man of Iron

The most human superhero

The Default Observer

Political correctness cannot and will not destroy comedy, which welcomes no such absolutism. The straight white man’s observations bear no fruit when they try to, but cannot, exist in a cultural vacuum.