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Silence and Solidarity: Reflections on the People’s Climate March

The silence was a moment of hope, but it was also a moment for memory.

The Object of the Game: Authority, Art, and Video Games

Gamergate is about misogyny, but it’s also about an uncomfortable medium that straddles the divide between art and entertainment.

On the Aphorism

The aphorism is paradoxical. In a single movement, it performs two acts which betray one another; and thus, the aphorism lies in itself.

The Rigged Market: A Review of Flash Boys

What Michael Lewis’s Flash Boys teaches us about American capitalism.

The Hipster’s Movement

With their detached discontent and pseudo-vintage flannel shirts, they claim the spot as our era’s most visible nonconformist subculture.

10 Years of Funeral: Crown of Love

Can loss and heartbreak be part of a larger emotional picture?