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Silence and Solidarity: Reflections on the People’s Climate March

The silence was a moment of hope, but it was also a moment for memory.

The Object of the Game: Authority, Art, and Video Games

Gamergate is about misogyny, but it’s also about an uncomfortable medium that straddles the divide between art and entertainment.

On the Aphorism

The aphorism is paradoxical. In a single movement, it performs two acts which betray one another; and thus, the aphorism lies in itself.

The Rigged Market: A Review of Flash Boys

What Michael Lewis’s Flash Boys teaches us about American capitalism.

The Hipster’s Movement

With their detached discontent and pseudo-vintage flannel shirts, they claim the spot as our era’s most visible nonconformist subculture.

Ten Years of Arcade Fire’s Funeral

Ten years after its release, nine writers reflect on Arcade Fire’s debut album.