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The Casual Vacancy and the State of 2015 Britain

In The Casual Vacancy’s Pagford, it is the wealthy who deal in laughable mishaps and the working class who deal in tragedy.

A Language of Their Own: Swahili and Its Influences

The Swahili choice asserts power, not concession. East African culture has embraced the Middle Eastern and Western influences indelibly wound up in it.

A Comedy of Errors: Trevor Noah and the Late-Night Talk Show

Trevor Noah’s appointment to The Daily Show is a step back for gender equality.

Too Burnt to Function

Spring Break musings, literature, and nostalgia for John Harvard’s gold foot

To Tanzania

New York seems, from here, to be a separate planet. Notes from Tanzania.

The Sound of Gaga: An Oscars Reinvention

Lady Gaga’s latest performance at the 2015 Academy Awards was a reinvention to transcend all previous reinventions.