Hertog Foundation

Mass. Governor Interview Series: Don Berwick

“We still have a long way to go” – Berwick discusses his vision for Massachusetts

Richard Tisei: GOP Congressional Candidate

“We’ll never have true equality in America unless you win the battle in both parties” – Tisei discusses social issues and the Republican Party

Sarah Cole ’16 of The Diversity Report

Sarah Cole ’16 serves as one of the organizers of We Are Harvard, a movement for increased support for minority students on campus.

George Watsky: Rapper and Slam Poet

“I’m not hoping to establish myself as the pale kid who raps fast” – Watsky discusses how digital tools have shaped his music career

Rep. King of the Homeland Security Committee

“Al Qaeda is more dangerous than it was on September 11, 2001″ –– Rep. King discusses evolving threats to the nation’s national security

Hanif Qadir: Founder of the Active Change Foundation

“The War on Terror absolutely can be won” – Hanif Qadir discusses counter-terrorism efforts in the 21st century.