Rep. King of the Homeland Security Committee

“Al Qaeda is more dangerous than it was on September 11, 2001″ –– Rep. King discusses evolving threats to the nation’s national security

Hanif Qadir: Founder of the Active Change Foundation

“The War on Terror absolutely can be won” – Hanif Qadir discusses counter-terrorism efforts in the 21st century.

Hilda Solis: Former Secretary of Labor

Former Secretary of Labor Solis talks recovery, green jobs, and climate preparedness.

Bill Kristol: ‘Weekly Standard’ Editor

“President Obama has overreacted, overcorrected, and drawn the wrong lessons from the Bush experience” – William Kristol discusses the United States’ evolving foreign policy

Thomas Menino: Mayor of Boston 1993 – 2014

“Coming out of the marathon bombing, I think that we’re a much stronger city than we were going in” – Thomas Menino discusses his tenure as mayor

Congresswoman Katherine Clark

Rep. Clark discusses public service, congressional gridlock, and efforts to combat gender inequities in the workforce.