On the Politics of Disease: Interview with Dr. Muhamed Almaliky

“Health starts up in the political system and goes down through all levels of social systems, but at the end what is affected are people.”

Interview: Michelle Rhee

“I think what parents and other community members should be focused on… is not necessarily the tests, but the culture around how people are perceiving the tests and what their role is in the educational process”

“Write it When I’m Gone”: Interview with Tom DeFrank

“…in its own day, Watergate was, for different reasons and without the loss of life, really seismic.”

On Argentine Business and Economy: Interview with Eduardo Elsztain

“The obligation, the mission of a businessman, is to invest and create jobs, and that is exactly what we are doing.”

Spring 2016 IOP Fellows Interview: Sir Peter Westmacott

“I think there is a great deal that keeps the United Kingdom and the United States together, and it feels to me that the relationship is in good shape.”

Spring 2016 IOP Fellows Interview: Gary Locke

Interview with spring 2016 IOP fellow and former Ambassador to China, Gary Locke. A transcript of the interview can be found here. Image source: Associated Press