Interview: Gen. James Cartwright on the Relationship Between Presidents and Generals

The HPR sits down with General James E. Cartwright, who served as Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the nation's second highest ranking military officer, from August 2007 to 2011.

/ October 21, 2013

Charlie Cook: Political Analyst and Founder of the “Cook Report” (Part 2)

Staff Writer Zak Lutz sits down with Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report to talk about electoral reform and journalism.

and / September 18, 2013

Charlie Cook: Political Analyst and Founder of the “Cook Report” (Part 1)

Staff Writer Zak Lutz sits down with Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report to talk elections and political analytics.

and / September 17, 2013

Sam Feist: CNN Washington Bureau Chief

Interviews Editor Colin Diersing sits down with Sam Feist, CNN's Washington Bureau Chief, to talk about CNN's coverage of the 2012 election, the future of journalism, and the political polarization of popular news networks today.

and / September 9, 2013

Larry Summers: Harvard Professor and 71st Treasury Secretary

Zak Lutz sits down with Larry Summers, Harvard's Charles W. Eliot University Professor, to talk about big government, the debt crisis, climate change, and the recent Harvard cheating scandal.

and / September 3, 2013

Interview: Wendy Davis on the Filibuster and the 2014 Election

Wendy Davis speaks to the HPR about her June 25 filibuster, the 2014 gubernatorial election, and Harvard Law School.

/ August 5, 2013

Christine Todd Whitman: Former New Jersey Governor

The HPR discusses the modern Republican Party, its platform, and Americans Elect with former Governor Whitman.

/ July 20, 2013

Howard Dean: Former DNC Chair and Vermont Governor

The HPR sits down with Howard Dean to review healthcare, the NRA, and the 2016 presidential race.

/ June 11, 2013

Tim Wirth: Former Colorado Senator on the Environment

The HPR sits down with former Senator Tim Wirth to discuss the environment, China, and Divest Harvard.

/ June 9, 2013

Jon Huntsman: Former U.S. Ambassador to China and Utah Governor

The HPR sits down with Jon Huntsman to discuss China, the future of the Republican Party, and the fate of America.

/ May 29, 2013

Brendon Ayanbadejo: Former Ravens Linebacker on LGBTQ Advocacy and His Plans for Elected Office

Discussing athlete activism with three-time Pro Bowler Brendon Ayanbadejo.

/ April 29, 2013

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

The HPR sits down with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, who represented Texas from 1993 to 2013 as a United States Senator.

/ April 23, 2013

Ana Navarro: Republican National Hispanic Co-Chair ’08 ’12

Colin Diersing, Interviews Editor, sits down with Ana Navarro to discuss what went wrong for the Republican Party in the 2012 election and the ways in which the Republican Party would be able to expand its Latino base.

and / April 20, 2013

Jon Favreau: President Obama’s Former Director of Speechwriting

Matt Shuham, Covers Editor, sits down with Jon Favreau to discuss the power of speeches, the logistics of speechwriting, and Favreau's next steps.

and / April 20, 2013

David Axelrod: Senior Strategist, President Obama’s 2012 Campaign

Daniel Backman, Associate US Editor, sits down with David Axelrod to review the 2012 presidential race and the former Senior Advisor to the President's plans for the future.

and / April 20, 2013

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