Jacob Tobia and the Next Frontier in LGBT Advocacy

“I think that the LGBTQ movement right now is in a very precarious place, perhaps more precarious than ever” – Tobia outlines the next steps for equality.

Peter Maurer, Red Cross President, Talks International Engagement

“I think we have a continuous challenge to improve and to do things faster, better, and with fewer resources” – Maurer and the growing role of the Red Cross

Sen. Hagan Analyzes Money’s Rising Influence in Politics

“I think women need to get engaged, I think women need to open up their pocketbooks” – Sen. Hagan discusses the 2016 elections

Finland’s First Female President Discusses the Future of LGBT Advocacy

“The act of knitting together symbolized equal treatment” – Halonen discusses a humorous symbol of gender equality.

Christine Quinn on the Latest in the Fight Against Sexual Violence

“Sexual violence is not actually about sex. It’s about power and control.” – Quinn analyzes the fight against sexual violence on college campuses.

Martha Coakley on Her Career in Law & Politics

“Those are not opportunities that you get to do in the private sector” – Coakley discusses her work in public office