Politics of Polling: Interview with Kristen Soltis Anderson

“Campaign polling is actually insanely high-stakes.”

Politics and Populism: Interview with Cenk Uygur

“A populist progressive will landslide Donald Trump in 2020.”

Patriotism for All: Interview with Khizr Khan

“Xenophobia is un-American,” says Khizr Khan, who famously spoke out against President Trump last summer.

Interview: Dr. Thomas A. Burke, EPA

An interview with Dr. Thomas A. Burke, the former Science Advisor and deputy assistant administrator for the Office of Research and Development at the EPA.

Activism On and Off the Field: A Conversation with Malcolm Jenkins

Malcolm Jenkins, a safety for the Philadelphia Eagles, speaks about his activism against police brutality.

Interview: CNN’s Jake Tapper

“My hope is that [Donald Trump] will, as an American, be successful and I hope that he unites the country and I hope he respects the role that people in the press have.”