The Future of Polling and the Role of Social Media: Interview with Patrick Ruffini

“I think being a Trump defender on November 9th is not going to look as good within the Republican Party, and I think there’ll be an opportunity to rebuild.”

On Connecting Communities and Politics: A Conversation with Michael Henne

“I want Ulection to help make candidates household names, so when election season comes around, elected officials can share policy decisions with their communities…”

On Filmmaking and Edward Snowden: Interview with Oliver Stone

“I thought he was very articulate, young and I guess I was most impressed that he did this at the age of twenty-nine, which is amazing…”

On Military Spending and National Defense: Interview with William Hartung

“We’ve spent a lot more than we needed to in terms of providing security. Some of the things that we’ve done have exacerbated the problem…”

Risks, Stories and Advice on Investigative Journalism: Interview with Hugo Alconada Mon

“In Argentina, you actually have two distinct Argentinas. One is the Argentina in theory and the other is the real Argentina.”

On the Politics of Disease: Interview with Dr. Muhamed Almaliky

“Health starts up in the political system and goes down through all levels of social systems, but at the end what is affected are people.”