Undocumented at Harvard

For freshman Ana Andrade, the rigid divide between the privileges of being a Harvard student and the struggles of coming from an undocumented family became all too apparent at a time of joy for most college freshmen: move in-day. Driving down JFK Street in the midst of the commotion and bustle of move-in day, Andrade […]

HPRgument: The Efficacy of Meritocracy

The effectiveness of standardized testing as a measure of talent has been long debated. However, a recently released proposal from the Harvard Graduate School of Education entitled “Turning the Tide” reopens this discussion as it proposes that college admissions prioritize community service and ethical engagement above test scores. Likewise, psychologist Steven Pinker took on a similar […]

HPRgument: A More Holistic Admissions Approach?

The Harvard Graduate School of Education recently released a proposal to improve college admissions criteria in a piece entitled “Turning the Tide: Inspiring Concern for Others and and the Common Good through College Admissions” that promotes the importance of community service in the admissions process. The report includes recommendations that would encourage colleges to place greater emphasis […]

Finding God at Harvard

In our enlightened and postmodern culture, pollsters talk often about the rise of the “nones,” a category of people who profess no religious affiliation. They cite the decline of the church in Europe and the similar trajectory of mainline Protestantism in the United States as the natural result of scientific advancement, education, and a more […]

Speech, Safety, and Seinfeld: College Policies on Free Speech

College administrators, comedians, and politicians alike have reinvigorated a debate about the tradeoffs between freedom of speech and policies protecting the mental health of students from historically marginalized backgrounds.

Harvard on the Field

Harvard may not be known as a “sports school,” but in the end Harvard athletes stay on the field “for the sheer love of the game.”