Pro-HUDS, Anti-Strike: Advice for Student Activists

Here is my case for how supporters of the strike can make our case more compelling, and how student activism can be more effective.

How the Other Half Thinks

The campus discourse surrounding the HUDS strike demonstrates our political division

In Defense of Neutrality

An organization that invalidates conservative views should not claim to be a truly safe space.

Gap Years at Harvard: A Break From School, A Model Beyond College

Gap years represent the ability to take a step back, to open one’s mind, and to explore something outside of one’s comfort zone.

Why People Love Trump: A Case Study of Milo Yiannopoulos

Yiannopoulos and Trump benefit when student activists refuse to respectfully engage in discourse.

Combatting Sexual Assault: Consent Classes at Harvard

Consent should be simple. As a popular tea analogy makes clear, “if you can understand how completely ludicrous it is to force people to have tea when they don’t want tea…then how hard is it to understand it when it comes to sex?” Indeed, when we talk about sexual consent, it can be easy to […]