Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Harvard’s Investment in Kinder Morgan

Harvard’s decision to invest in Kinder Morgan can be challenged on both financial and ethical grounds.

Divest Harvard: Thinking Outside the Yard

On Tuesday, April 12, about thirty protestors gathered outside of the Boston Federal Reserve building, home of the Harvard Management Company, singing of the rising tides of climate change. The protestors, dressed in orange and holding painted signs, shouted familiar chants for justice and unfurled umbrellas emblazoned with the words “Fossil Free HMC.” Four students—three […]

Institute of Politics 50th Anniversary Commemoration

In commemoration of the IOP’s 50th Anniversary, the HPR compiled the following timeline, which consists of interviews former IOP members interspersed with articles from the HPR’s archives.

Baker Hughes: Bad Investment, Bad Company

Overview of Harvard’s Investments in Baker Hughes

Revamping General Education: Reflections and Recommendations

An analysis of the present and future General Education curriculums at Harvard

A Murky Situation: Harvard’s Investment in Petrobras

By investigating Harvard’s direct investments, Democracy Matters and Divest Harvard sought to illuminate the values implicit within Harvard’s investment in certain corporations, and how the political activities of those corporations might create discomfort among members of the Harvard community. Given this particular emphasis, Harvard’s investment in Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. Petrobras, more commonly known as Petrobras, […]