Revamping General Education: Reflections and Recommendations

An analysis of the present and future General Education curriculums at Harvard

A Murky Situation: Harvard’s Investment in Petrobras

By investigating Harvard’s direct investments, Democracy Matters and Divest Harvard sought to illuminate the values implicit within Harvard’s investment in certain corporations, and how the political activities of those corporations might create discomfort among members of the Harvard community. Given this particular emphasis, Harvard’s investment in Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. Petrobras, more commonly known as Petrobras, […]

Hate Speech

  I have heard hate speech in many situations in my life – so much so that I have become accustomed to it, even grown to expect it in some instances. Throughout middle and high school, I heard it so often that I knew the patterns, knew the lead-ins, and knew when I had to […]

Campus Perspectives: What Issues Are Important to You as a College Student?

Five Harvard students share their views on the 2016 Presidential election.

The Sensitivity Conundrum

  Activists from Emory University demanded that the university administration take action against chalk markings of “Trump” and “Trump 2016” on campus sidewalks, citing that the markings were “deliberate intimidation” that made students “fear for [their lives].” On March 22, responding to activists’ demands, Emory University president James W. Wagner agreed to examine security camera […]

Undocumented at Harvard

For freshman Ana Andrade, the rigid divide between the privileges of being a Harvard student and the struggles of coming from an undocumented family became all too apparent at a time of joy for most college freshmen: move in-day. Driving down JFK Street in the midst of the commotion and bustle of move-in day, Andrade […]