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The Culture Behind Asian Donations to U.S. Universities

Gerald Chan’s recent donation to Harvard fits with a growing trend of international donors to U.S. universities, especially those from Hong Kong and China.

On Campus Recruiting: Taking a Closer Look

All over Harvard’s campus, students are taking part in a well-worn ritual that brings representatives of the most influential firms in finance and consulting up to Cambridge.

Dear IOP

The Institute of Politics embodies “politics” in the way that they’ve defined it: the money, the connections, the Kennedy name, the system.

Punch. Tap. Bicker. Rush.

The issue of exclusive social organizations is a complex one, deeply entrenched in tradition as well as sociology and human psychology.

Legacy: Just a By-Product of a Broken System

In a society dominated by institutional benefits for the wealthy, preference for legacy applicants is a tiny detail in the larger picture of Harvard’s massively flawed “meritocracy.”

Democracy’s Dynasties: Legacy and the Culture of Nepotism

By continuing legacy admissions, Harvard sends a message by example to its students that nepotism is a regular part of American life.