Playing it Safe: Safe Spaces at Harvard

Our discomfort with disagreement has led us to hide behind the illusion of “safe spaces.” But progress has never been achieved by cowards.

To Keep Him Here: Suicide and Mental Illness in ‘Modern’ America

People tend to think that others can choose when to ‘get over’ mental illnesses. After witnessing my dad’s accidental death, I resisted grief counseling. Even my nine-year-old self could perceive the stigmatization associated with mental counseling.

On Changing History: Divest Harvard and the Power of Confrontation

The Divest movement—which has combined argument, confrontation, and spectacle—is a model other groups on campus should emulate.

The New Social Movement of our Generation: Effective Altruism

EA as a whole has become part of public debate, and for many, a way of life. Today, EA is at the critical point of going from marginal to mainstream.

Seeking Support, Finding Power

We need to accept that the world is not safe, and then we need to reject it and change it. Through all of this, safe spaces must have a place.

In Defense of Safe Spaces

The term “safe space” implies that all other places are unsafe, and therefore should be made safer. That is exactly the point.