The New Form of Self Improvement: Harvard’s Tourists

Harvard tourists give students the ultimate challenge, but also the ultimate reward.

My Mom Makes Me Go to Parties

Deep and meaningful relationships take time, but things will get better. They will always get better.

The Inadequacy Complex

Instead of working to fulfill some grand and spurious expectation of what it means to be a successful Harvard student, we should keep in mind that the goal is not to please Harvard.

New Concentration Takes the Stage

While the addition of Harvard’s newest concentration, Theater and Dance, promises certain benefits to prospective concentrators, there is much uncertainty surrounding both the structure of the concentration as well as its impact on student theater.

Meditation on Meat

Even though there may be enough small and medium farms raising sustainable meat across New England that, when pooled together, could serve Harvard, there’s no way for all that meat to reach Harvard’s campus in a timely and cost-effective way.

De Facto Exclusion: Social Stratification at Eleganza

Even with these powerful examples of the presence of people of color at Harvard and beyond, the show perpetuated exclusive class-based policies that, on a larger scale, continue to plague people of color in America.