Legacy: Just a By-Product of a Broken System

In a society dominated by institutional benefits for the wealthy, preference for legacy applicants is a tiny detail in the larger picture of Harvard’s massively flawed “meritocracy.”

Democracy’s Dynasties: Legacy and the Culture of Nepotism

By continuing legacy admissions, Harvard sends a message by example to its students that nepotism is a regular part of American life.

Go to College, They Said

The perceived link between college and upward social mobility is as yesterday as the American Dream itself.

A Semester with Divest

After a year and a half of failed negotiations with Harvard, one student group plays hardball.

Mind the Gap: An Analysis of Gap Years

Universities are turning to gap years to eradicate challenges that commonly plague college freshman.

A Missed Opportunity

It is indeed, “time to try democracy,” just not the way that William Deresiewicz advocates in his most recent article.