Keep Hamilton, Ditch Jackson

Replacing Hamilton, the Treasury’s foremost founding father and an emblem of national unity, inclusion, and prosperity, represents an affront to his achievements and legacy. At the same time, continuing to feature Andrew Jackson—widely criticized today for his racist policies and opposed to a strong central banking system—on the $20 bill suggests the comparative value of his perspective and achievements.

Sunaina Danziger | November 27, 2015

In Defense of the Christian Right

While it is easy to attack people like Kim Davis, it is important to realize the profoundly difficult situation America's Christian Right is currently in.

Jack Whitfield | November 11, 2015

Preserving the Forum

The desire to censor derives from an inherent disrespect— for an idea, but also for the person promoting that idea.

Rachael Hanna | November 10, 2015

Running Through the Pain

Running any distance at any speed fights stillness and monotony, and it hurts. But running is also proving that you are more than your body, that you can overcome hurt and loss.

Elizabeth Melampy | November 9, 2015

HPRgument: The Third Republican Debate

HPR writers analyze the night's happenings, from the strained relationship between moderators and candidates to the policies they discussed.

Christopher Cruz, Evan Bonsall, Sal DeFrancesco, Jullian Duran, Joshua Florence, Justin Curtis, Sienna Nielsen, Ashim Vaish and Angela Yi | November 5, 2015

Art for Art’s Sake

Exploring the challenges of a career in art

Hana Connelly | November 4, 2015