BMI Boom and Economic Collapse in Nauru

The economy of Nauru has stagnated since the phosphate mines dried up. An obesity epidemic has ensued that the nation must address with its limited means.

Jay Gopalan | January 11, 2017

Using Dostoyevsky to Understand Vladimir Putin’s Aggression

Dostoyevsky's concept of the "Russian Soul" sheds light on Putin’s politics in dealing with the Crimea and Russia’s eastern neighbors.

Anonymous | January 11, 2017

From Exercise to Entertainment: The Cult of SoulCycle

SoulCycle has quickly become one of America's most talked-about fitness brands, but not without a fair share of star-spangled controversy.

Cherie Hu | January 10, 2017

Death of a Dream: The Lost Hope of South Sudanese Development

South Sudan has had a difficult time since it gained independence in 2011. In the short term, security is a prerequisite for prosperity.

Nicholas Stauffer-Mason | December 29, 2016

I’m in it for You

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, despite their differences, both advocated for the "underdog," embracing rhetoric which spoke directly to the disenfranchised and downtrodden.

Anirudh Suresh | December 22, 2016

Note From the President

The underdog narrative is very much alive today.

Joe Choe | December 14, 2016