Latin America’s Tarnished Crown Jewel

The decimation of Venezuela's middle class under Chavez is directly linked to the increasing incidence of corruption and scandal.

Carla Troconis | April 28, 2016

Going Dark: Who is Our Enemy?

Law enforcement agencies suggest that they are out of the loop in using digital access to combat crime; this may not be the case.

Priscilla Guo | April 27, 2016

#HarvardYouthPoll: The Harvard Public Opinion Project, Spring 2016

Authors of the HPOP poll and HPR writers analyze the results of the largest poll investigating the political beliefs and attitudes of millennials.

Elton Lossner, Thomas Huling, Andrew Kim, Tess Saperstein, Erik Fliegauf, Advik Shreekumar, Alyssa Resar, Kay Lu, Nico Tuccillo, Sebastian Reyes, Meg Panetta and Devon Black | April 25, 2016

Dictator in Disguise

Despite his campaign of modernization in Rwanda and a democratic facade, Kagame has gradually tightened his grip on power.

Ari Berman | April 22, 2016

Dear Trump Supporters

Five reasons why Donald Trump does not deserve your vote.

Justin Curtis | April 21, 2016

In the Spotlight: Interview with Marty Baron

"I think [Spotlight] makes the point that however flawed we are, that we are still necessary, that we serve an important role in society."

Quinn Mulholland | April 20, 2016