From Charlie Hebdo to Chapel Hill

How media representations of Muslim Americans emphasize implicit biases against Islam.

Pooja Podugu | February 27, 2015

Senator Himes Hung Out with the Sandinistas

…and other miscellany from the senior theses of our congressmen.

Gram Slattery | February 26, 2015

Selling Nature: The Plight of the South African Rhinoceros

How governments combat poaching as the nature of the crime changes.

Camila Victoriano | February 24, 2015

The Metaphor as Weapon

Why the rhetoric of battle has no place in public policy discourse

Sarani Jayawardena | February 23, 2015

War of the Words

The sexualized language of violence in the Vietnam War

Alexandra Grimm | February 23, 2015

Crime and No Punishment

Filling with more corpses by the day, Karachi has become one of the world's most contentious regions.

Aisha Bhoori | February 23, 2015