In Horton Hears a Who, the Dr. Seuss You Never Knew!

Dr. Seuss’s powerful penciled lines and brushstrokes lent his cartoons even more clout in the political sphere, and to harmful effect. They remind us, in short, of the interplay between art and politics.

Amy Chyao | July 22, 2015

On Harvard Liberals

"Social activism at its finest constantly asks questions, seeks new perspectives, and changes course when the facts so require. We Harvard liberals, myself included, must be more willing to join this debate on the ground rather than merely pontificate from the sidelines."

Daniel Backman | July 15, 2015

China’s Forgotten Children

After criminals are locked up in prison, what happens to their children?

Joe Choe | July 11, 2015

The Arctic’s Human Voice

Even after weathering a storm of obstacles, indigenous organizations mostly see the Arctic Council as a success tempered by its shortcomings, not vice-versa.

Marty Berger | June 30, 2015

Struggling for Egypt—or Maybe Not

Why America need not worry about warming relations between Egypt and Russia.

Samuel Plank | June 29, 2015

One Hundred Years of Remembrance

History, Gabriel Garcia Marquez suggests, can be manipulated

Hana Connelly | June 16, 2015