The New Space Race

The new space race is an intense competition between private companies hoping to earn their place in the pantheon of space exploration glory.

Elton Lossner | May 26, 2017

Coming Out While Staying In

In the ongoing fight for the rights of transgender students in schools, advocacy groups and schools face challenges in achieving equality for transgender students.

Natalie Swartz | May 26, 2017

Harvard Wears Denim

On Aril 26, individuals and various student organizations, including athletic teams, single gender social groups and student government groups, came together and wore denim to raise awareness for sexual assault in recognition.

Sarah Tisdall | May 25, 2017

Civic Illiteracy in America

The low quality of American civic education undermines the strength of democracy. Schools, at both the K-12 and collegiate level, must make civic education a priority and should specifically ensure that students understand the Constitution and the Supreme Court.

Matthew Shaw | May 25, 2017

Return to Harlem: The Modern Black Renaissance

Instead of working to codify the “New Negro,” contemporary artists of the New Harlem Renaissance are highlighting the pluralism of black identity.

Hadley DeBello | May 7, 2017

HPRgument: French Presidential Election

The final outcome of the French presidential election have huge ramifications for not only France, but the whole of the European Union.

Catherine Zheng and Sunaina Danziger | May 6, 2017