No Common Core, No Common Ground: The Battle for Hoosier Education

Plagued by partisan battles, Indiana is a microcosm of the national education debate

Mark Bode | October 30, 2014

South Africa’s “Corrective Rape” Problem

In South Africa, the horrendous crime of “corrective rape” is destroying the lives of lesbian women in the townships.

Farris Peale | October 29, 2014

#HarvardYouthPoll: Analyzing Harvard’s Fall 2014 Poll of Young Americans

The HPR's exclusive analysis of the Fall 2014 Harvard Public Opinion Project Poll

Nian Hu | October 29, 2014

Dear IOP

The Institute of Politics embodies “politics” in the way that they’ve defined it: the money, the connections, the Kennedy name, the system.

Jenny Choi | October 26, 2014

The Superhero Diversity Problem

Why do super-powered genetic mutations select white, heterosexual males almost exclusively?

Julianna Aucoin | October 24, 2014

Grassroots Counterterrorism

How localized efforts can prevent radicalization in the West.

Ali Hakim | October 23, 2014