A “Monopoly” on Children: China’s Arduous Adoption Process

Unfortunately, many individuals who otherwise are perfectly qualified to care for a child are not able to, simply due to a failure to meet the strict guidelines.

Fiona Young | May 21, 2015

Minds that May Matter

The development of computer-simulated animals raises difficult questions about minds, consciousness, and what it means to feel pain.

Advik Shreekumar | May 21, 2015

The Case Against Standardized Testing

America's system of standardized testing is failing students and teachers.

Quinn Mulholland | May 14, 2015

De Facto Exclusion: Social Stratification at Eleganza

Even with these powerful examples of the presence of people of color at Harvard and beyond, the show perpetuated exclusive class-based policies that, on a larger scale, continue to plague people of color in America.

Valentina Perez | May 6, 2015

Academic Diaspora: Why Harvard Doesn’t Have Latinx Studies

The importance and difficulty of establishing a Latinx studies program at Harvard

Ignacio Sabate | May 6, 2015

Opinion: Fashion, Charity, and Diversity: Eleganza Behind-the-Scenes

The three-pronged mission of fashion, charity, and diversity is perhaps what makes Eleganza such a resounding success, year after year.

Nian Hu | May 3, 2015