The Teaching Tax: How Inequality in Education Persists

Over 60 years after Brown v. Board, America's schools remain separate and unequal. That is in large part due to our local system of education funding.

Kevin O'Donnell | October 2, 2015

Watching the Watchman

As demands for police body cameras escalate, activists, officers, and policymakers are embroiled in a high-stakes debate over their implementation.

Alex Wang | September 27, 2015

HPRgument: Tradition vs Gender Equality

Two events in recent weeks have brought Harvard's attention lack of gender equality in exclusive student organizations.

Tasnim Ahmed and Peter Wright | September 20, 2015

HPRgument: The Refugee Crisis

HPR writers weigh in on one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our generation.

Sunaina Danziger, Carla Troconis, Neil Reilly, Sarah Wu, Henry Brooks, Sebastian Reyes, Audrey Shi and Peter Wright | September 13, 2015

Kurdish Peshmerga: Divided from Within

The military remains largely divided and loyal to separate parties despite the unity of the Kurdish government and the emerging existence of unified forces.

Eduardo Gonzalez | September 5, 2015